Silver cast bars

Sale of silver cast bars: prices and sizes on Orovilla

Mario Villa silver bars are made of pure 999 silver, always certified and in all sizes, starting from 2 gram minted bars, up to 250, 500, 1000 and 5000 gram cast bars. Each one bears the marks required by law: weight, title, manufacturer's mark (1748 MI).
The prices displayed, which are always updated in real time according to market quotations, are inclusive of 22% VAT because, unlike gold, silver is subject to this tax because it is not included among investment precious metals.
Lingotto coniato in argento 100 grammi formato piccolo
Lingotto coniato in argento 100 grammi formato piccolo

Silver bar 100g

Pure Silver 100 gr | VAT included


silver cast bar 5000g

Pure Silver 5000 gr - The measurements indicated may undergo slight variations due to the processing of the metal, but the purity and weights indicated are guaranteed and certified by us. | VAT included


Why is it worth buying silver bars?

Gold fires the imagination, but silver is an equally interesting, though often undervalued, precious metal. Silver also has a history stretching back thousands of years. Already in ancient times, thanks to the ease with which this metal can be worked, it was used in the form of coins, long before gold, and has remained a popular precious metal for centuries.

Today, silver, like all precious metals, is considered a safe haven asset, a safe and very affordable investment through which to secure one's savings and protect one's capital. Silver often follows the trend of gold, albeit at lower levels, and is therefore a very rewarding asset over the long term, often performing even more attractively than gold itself.

The value of a silver bar is always linked to the current price of silver. The greater stability of prices is what drives many investors to invest in silver bullion. As with gold, the availability of silver is limited (according to experts, the availability of silver in nature will only be sufficient for the next 15-20 years), it is a physical asset that is decoupled from its counterpart and independent of monetary reforms and inflation.

Silver bar is perfect for those who want to diversify their portfolio, want to divert cash from their current account, but do not have the availability to buy physical gold. It is therefore a very affordable safe haven asset.

Buying silver bullion: the history of silver and its quotations

Silver has been known since antiquity for its antibacterial and healing properties, resistance to rust and acids, but it was the Greeks who first minted silver coins in the 6th century BC. Until the 20th century, silver was more valuable as a means of payment even than gold.

In the 1970s, however, with the end of the Gold and Silver Standard, silver rapidly lost value, reaching an all-time low of $5 in 1980.

Since then, and in particular since 2004, the value of silver has risen slowly but steadily, often accompanying gold. In particular, the use of this metal as a raw material in the solar energy and automotive industries have made it, and will continue to make it, increasingly valuable.

This is why buying silver bars is a long-term investment strategy. Yield, as with gold, is not the main objective: the real goal is diversification in the investment portfolio and preservation of value to protect a portion of one's assets from inflation.

Buying silver bars is also interesting for those who have already invested in gold:

  • its importance on the world market is different from gold;
  • the correlation between the two metals is visible, but not obvious;
  • its value in the future will depend on its scarcity and the constantly growing industrial demand;
  • it is also good to diversify between different precious metals.

The different sizes of silver bars

There are two types of silver bars in the OROvilla store:

  • coined or laser-cut bar (from 2 to 250 grams);
  • cast bar from 500 to 5000 grams.

Unlike gold bars, silver bars of the same weight have a much lower value. It is therefore easy to buy and resell even 1kg casting bars. Smaller mined bars are more suitable for purchase as gifts or gratuities, even personalised ones. In addition, the smaller the bar, the more the cost of processing the bar will affect it, which in turn will affect resale, as weight and price will be assessed without regard to processing.

Gifting silver bars

For special occasions such as christenings, birthdays, weddings or to celebrate life's milestones, silver bars are a new and valuable alternative to cash or traditional gifts. The price is much lower than gold, suitable for any budget, and it is therefore possible to buy a larger bar and personalise it in an original way. In this respect, the back of the minted bars is totally smooth and can be personalised with an engraving.
On request, Orovilla silver bars can be customised on both sides with the customer's logo for promotions, company incentives, competition and tournament awards, and family celebrations. The smooth surface allows laser engraving of letters, numbers, logos, dates and dedications in general. The engraving is done by computer, guided by a vector file; it is possible to faithfully reproduce texts, logos, images, down to very small sizes.

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