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Orovilla can search for and evaluate gold coins from all over the world

Are you a fan of the world of gold coins and have decided to buy new ones to add to your collection? Or, have you decided to sell some, but do not know who to contact to have them evaluated properly and put them back on the market?

Thanks to its long-standing, well-established experience in the sector of buying, selling and evaluating gold coins from all over the world, Orovilla can track down, evaluate, buy and sell any type of coin.

If you are looking for a particular gold coin that you just can't find, you can ask Orovilla to do a specific search for you based on your specifications and it will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Instead, if you intend to sell one or more coins from your collection, Orovilla can evaluate them properly and provide you with the best sales solution to get the maximum possible revenue.
Simply attach a picture of the item that you want to sell and provide as many details as possible to get a personalised, accurate and up-to-date evaluation on all types of collector coins.

Orovilla, a company founded by Mario Villa in the Fifties, is officially authorised to purchase gold coins and is now an authentic point of reference for buying, selling and evaluating collectible gold coins. With over sixty years of experience behind it, Orovilla, can offer the best guarantees for the purchase and sale of gold coins: from sovereigns to Napoléon coins, from Krugerrands to Marks.

What are the most sought-after gold coins in Italy?
The list is quite long, but it is worth mentioning the British gold sovereign, that attracts both collectors of gold coins and investors wishing to secure their savings. These are followed by Italian and Swiss Napoleon coins, then the Belgian, French and Austrian ones, not forgetting, of course, 20 Mark coins, 10 dollar Liberty coins, the Indian Head eagle, Krugerrands and Austrian 4 ducats.

However, the value of the coins, excluding the ones with numismatic interest, varies according to the amount of pure metal content. The evaluation of the coins will depend, therefore, on the fineness and weight based on the price of gold updated in real time.

Orovilla is at your disposal, through its sales outlets in Pero and Milan and through its e-commerce site, for the purchase and sale of gold coins. A custodian service in a maximum security vault is also available at 8853 S.p.A.

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