Platinum coins

Buying Platinum Coins: the security of investing in precious metals

Buying platinum coins is one of the smartest and safest alternatives for any level of investment, from the small saver to the medium-sized investor. In the Orovilla store, you can find an interesting selection of platinum coins, certified for quality and authenticity and at the lowest prices on the market.
The prices of Orovilla platinum bullion coins are updated in real time. Our experts are also available to help you at any time, whether you are buying, consulting or after sales.

Buying specific Platinum coins: valuation and research

Platinum does not have the history of gold or silver as a minting metal, but platinum bullion coins have proved popular since the 1970s due to the metal's increased rarity.

Platinum is an important industrial commodity and is in great demand among collectors and investors. Traditionally, platinum has traded at a similar or higher premium than gold. In addition, all coins must have a millesimal fineness of .9995 to be considered pure platinum.

Buying platinum coins from our store means:

  • Relying on an experienced dealer with decades of experience in the precious metal industry.
  • Being able to deal with top experts for both valuation and research.
  • Getting a fast and accurate valuation.
  • Security at all stages, from online contact to purchase or sale.

Buying platinum coins differs from buying gold coins in that it has an investment purpose and there is definitely less of an impact from the coin collecting and history component. In fact, platinum coins are usually copies of the better-known gold coins and are almost always extremely recent.

Why is buying Platinum coins a smart choice today?

Platinum is a scarce but much sought-after precious metal; a less exploited safe haven asset than gold but one that shares some of the advantages of the yellow metal, especially from the point of view of protecting your savings from financial, social and political crises.

It is, of course, an extremely attractive investment for an investor who wants to preserve the value of his capital over the years. Platinum coins also have advantages that make them a viable alternative to the classic platinum ingot.

As we all know, the advantages of buying precious metals are many:

  • they are safe haven assets;
  • they are important diversifiers of your investment portfolio;
  • they are physically owned;
  • they have immediate liquidity;
  • they are easily storable;
  • they are accessible to anyone;
  • as coins they are legal tender and can be used as a form of payment;

The weight of platinum contained in the investment coin also allows you to include a certain amount of the precious metal in your investments.

Buying platinum coins online is even more convenient because it allows you to buy and resell the coins quickly and effortlessly, and this allows you to hedge against inflation and create a treasury to pass on.

Why buy platinum coins today?

Platinum resources are limited and this precious metal is considered a very safe investment as its demand, especially in the coming years with the green revolution, may exceed supply.

Like gold coins, platinum coins have historical and collector interest, but platinum is also a much sought-after metal for the industrial sector, at the centre of what has been christened a green revolution. Platinum is in fact an essential raw material in new technologies. It is estimated that by the 1930s, the demand for platinum to be used for fuel cells and electrolysers will increase sevenfold.

What we will see in the short term is an increase in demand for the development of green hydrogen production technologies, while in the medium to long term, demand in industry and transport will also increase.

The economics of using hydrogen as a fuel will lead to sustained growth in demand for platinum. The EU has made hydrogen a central part of its Green Deal to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. The share of hydrogen in the European energy mix is expected to grow from 2% today to 13-14% by 2050.

Better to buy coins or platinum bars?

Those who decide to include precious metals among their investments often face the dilemma: better to buy bars or coins? Obviously it depends on the budget and the goal.

Buying a platinum bar means having to deal with its size. This means that buying a small bar may not be worthwhile, either because of the price of platinum per gram, which becomes cheaper with a larger quantity purchased, or because processing and shipping costs come into play.

A platinum coin, apart from being of historical and numismatic interest in itself, provides greater flexibility and ease in finding a prospective buyer. On the one hand it is possible to buy platinum coins without discounting the production price and thus making them more divisible, on the other hand the recognisability of the coin makes it easier to resell at the right price.

Then there is the not insignificant fact that platinum bullion coins have a different attractiveness than bullion. They are part of the history of a nation or state, they certainly look more fascinating and they please even a numismatics enthusiast. This has made some of the better known coins more valuable precisely because of their collector value.

Buying gold coins safely: some best practices

Only buy bullion coins from reputable and certified dealers. Counterfeits are extremely widespread and, unfortunately, well made. If you are not dealing with a solid and certified company, you risk running into nasty surprises or sellers who are not experienced enough.
Always assess the breadth of the dealer's offer: the greater the offer in bullion coins in the different precious metals, the higher the competence and reliability.
Can you ensure the safe storage of coins or do you have to rely on a safe deposit box? Or can your dealer provide you with a preservation and storage service?
The larger the coin, the cheaper the price per gram, but buying smaller denominations is more advisable if you need smaller fractions that are convenient to resell quickly.
Buy online. Online stores, like our Orovilla store, have undeniable advantages in terms of operating costs and speed of order completion.
Don't trust bargains... in gold. A coin sold for less than the price of the platinum it contains is probably an opportunity to steer clear of.
How to resell platinum coins?
You can disinvest your bullion coins at any time. Orovilla buys precious metal investment coins with the OROBIT service. We buy all bullion coins, evaluate coin collections and rare and collector coins.

At the time of purchase we appraise the coins, check them carefully for precious metal content, authenticity and condition. Damaged coins can be valued at their melt price.

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