Platinum cast bars

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Platinum is a precious metal that plays a very important role in the technology and automotive industries. It is extremely rare and for a long time its value was much higher than that of gold. The platinum spot price is used to set the price of platinum investment products, particularly platinum bullion bars and coins. The platinum bars in the Orovilla catalogue and marked Mario Villa are of the finest, 999/1000 pure precious material. Every single ingot bears the marks required by law: weight, title, manufacturer's mark (1748 MI).

We remind you that platinum is subject to VAT at 22%.


Why buy platinum bullion today?

Platinum resources are limited and this precious metal is considered a very safe investment as its demand, especially in the coming years with the green revolution, may exceed supply.

Platinum bar are available in our store in sizes from 2 to 100 grams. Ingots are considered cheaper than platinum coins because they have a lower premium over the spot price. The same is true for the larger bars compared to the few gram bars.

Platinum today is a formidable form of investment diversification and can be included in a basket of precious metals as a safe haven asset to protect savings.

Platinum bars: the precious metal for a green future

Platinum is only precious as a rare metal, but it is also at the centre of the green revolution worldwide. This makes it valuable therefore as a raw material that can be used in new technologies. It is estimated that the demand for platinum to be used for fuel cells and electrolysers will increase sevenfold in the 1930s.

Platinum e Green Economy

Demand in the short term will be driven by the initial development of technologies for the production of green hydrogen, while in the medium to long term we will also see an increase in demand in the industrial and transport sectors.

In particular, a revolution is expected in the production of heavy-duty vehicles, which, being able to rely on shorter and more defined routes, will also support the upgrading of refuelling stations.

The economics of a revolution with hydrogen at its centre will therefore be the main driver of long-term platinum demand growth. The EU has made hydrogen a central part of its Green Deal to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. The share of hydrogen in the European energy mix is expected to grow from less than 2% today to 13-14% by 2050. Platinum has a bright future.

How to store platinum bars safely?

Storing your platinum and precious metal ingots is a very important issue to consider when buying them. Depending on the amount of precious metals you own, you need to carefully consider whether to store them in a safe, whether to rent a safe deposit box at a bank, or whether to use a safekeeping service, such as the one we offer at Orovilla. What you have to weigh up are costs and risks.

Gold is certainly safer in a vault or safe deposit box, which are also insured in case of theft, than in your home. Another no less important aspect to think about is the location of the box in which you keep it: it must be easily accessible to you at all times or you must be able to rely on a company that can provide you with a fast and secure shipping service.

How to resell platinum bars?

As they are in high demand and highly liquid assets like gold, platinum bars are very easy to sell. The purchase of precious metal bars is offered by precious metal dealers, Compro Oro, banks with precious metal counters, private forums or online auctions.

However, it is important that the buyer is licensed and certified so that your sale is conducted safely and at the right price. So avoid private forums and online auctions if you are not more than sure of your buyer.

Orovilla has always bought investment bars; you can divest your bars at any time.

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