Palladium coins

If you want to invest in precious metals, buying palladium coins is one of the smartest and safest alternatives for any level of investment, from the small saver to the medium-sized investor to the collector of precious coins. In the OROvilla store you can find an interesting selection of palladium coins, with certification of quality and authenticity. Palladium coins are an excellent option for discerning collectors or investors as the popularity (and value) of the white precious metal is constantly growing.

Buy palladium coins without surprises

Palladium is, among the precious metals in the Orovilla store, the one with the highest price, but also the one with the greatest convenience and an interesting and certain future.
This rare metal is sought after for its use in technology and industry, but its price is subject to fluctuation because, produced almost exclusively in South Africa and Russia, it suffers from export restrictions, power outages and labour problems that can impede the metal's supply.

These factors also make it among the most attractive forms of investment at the moment.
Buying palladium coins from our store means:

  • Relying on an experienced dealer with decades of experience in the precious metal industry.
  • Being able to deal with top experts for both valuation and research.
  • Getting a fast and accurate valuation.
  • Security at all phases, from online contact to purchase or sale.

The purchase of palladium coins differs from the purchase of gold coins in that it has an investment purpose and the component of coin collecting and history is certainly less impactful. In fact, palladium coins are usually copies of the better known gold and platinum coins, e.g. the 50 Dollar Maple Leaf Palladium, and are almost always extremely recent.

Why is buying palladium coins a smart choice today?

Palladium is a scarce but highly sought-after precious metal. It is therefore an extremely attractive investment for an investor who wants to preserve the value of his capital over the years. Palladium coins also have advantages that make them a viable alternative to the classic ingot.

As we all know, the advantages of buying precious metals are many:

  • they are safe haven assets;
  • they are important diversifiers of your investment portfolio;
  • they are physically owned;
  • they have immediate liquidity;
  • they are easily storable;
  • they are accessible to anyone;
  • as coins they are legal tender and can be used as a form of payment.

Buying palladium coins online from qualified dealers is even more convenient because it allows you to buy and resell the coins quickly, at a safe, shared price, and without surprises.

Why buy palladium coins today?

Palladium is an extremely ductile and fascinating precious metal. It is similar to platinum, but malleable like gold, which makes it particularly suitable for processing and industrial production, especially in the automotive industry, e.g. for the production of catalytic converters, in electronics, in the chemical industry and in jewellery.

The value of palladium is constantly increasing to the extent that it has far outstripped gold in recent years. Palladium, unlike gold, has significant price fluctuations, as demand is much more linked to its use in industry, which accounts for 70%, and to the performance of the automotive market, than to its role as a safe haven asset.

The security of an investment in palladium, however, is linked to another aspect that concerns the future, namely the green transition, which will lead precious metals such as palladium and platinum to have an increasing demand and an increasingly scarce supply.

The supply of palladium is in fact constantly decreasing because it is one of the rarest metals in the world, but demand is and will be increasing in the coming years and decades thanks to the automotive sector.

Hybrid and electric cars are the future of the industry. In particular, hybrid cars with petrol combustion engines or petrol-powered cars use palladium as a catalyst. The catalytic converter has the task of oxidising carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons by means of a thin film coated with catalyst metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Palladium in particular allows oxidation at much lower temperatures than other metals, ensuring better efficiency and effectiveness. Buying palladium today is insurance for your savings.

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