History of Orovilla

The history Orovilla: from the first Milanese metal trader to leading company in buying and selling of precious metals

The history of Orovilla. a company specialised in the buying and selling of precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, is closely linked to the history of Italy and, in particular, to the evolution and changes which have occurred in Italy over the last sixty years.


The early years: the Banco Metalli Mario Villa

Mario Villa

In the 1950s, in the immediate post-war period, a historical period in which Italy was experiencing a moment of rebirth and great economic and social growth, so much so that it was later to be defined as a golden era for the history of the entire country, Mario Villa, a Milanese by birth, decided to open a gold bank, which he initially called 'Mario Villa Banco Metalli'.

In a climate of ferment and great economic and social euphoria, he decided to contribute, with his small business, to Milan's commercial rebirth.

The activity of the metal bank was immediately successful locally and in just a few years it grew from a small town business into an increasingly large one, thanks to the constant work and dedication of Mario Villa and his employees.

From gold counter to trading in precious metals

Mario Villa learnt a lot from his strong ties to the territory and his knowledge of local needs. His deep knowledge of local needs allowed him to expand more and more as time went by.

With this in mind, he decided to also open a gold and precious metal processing plant and began to dedicate himself to the purchase and sale of gold and silver bars. Thus began the business of buying and selling precious metals, which over the following decades made the metal bank one of the most prestigious and influential companies in the sector throughout Italy.

Expansion in Italy and abroad

Thanks to the success of this business, Mario Villa expanded his boundaries further: he began to establish himself throughout Italy and also abroad. He became, in fact, one of the leading experts in the field of buying, selling and processing gold. Even today, he is still a real point of reference for all those wishing to buy or place precious metals on the market.

OROvilla today

Today, Mario Villa's business continues thanks to the inheritance left to his son Giorgio, who follows in his father's footsteps with dedication and care. In fact, the company is constantly growing and constantly reaffirms its leadership in the sector.

In addition to the historic office in Via Mazzini, in the centre of commercial Milan, dedicated to the buying and selling of precious metals, in 2005 8853 S.p.a. was established in Pero, a modern factory in the immediate Milanese hinterland, dedicated to the processing of precious metals and dental alloys, semi-finished products in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and alloys derived from them.

The company also deals with the production of specific products for laboratories, such as platinum crucibles, of which 8853 S.p.A. is the leading manufacturer in Italy, and the recovery of any type of precious metal.

In 2011, OROvilla was born, a further division of 8853 S.p.A., the only business that targets private individuals with a mission of high responsibility: to protect the purchasing power of savers and investors and to guarantee liquidity over time with an indestructible raw material that has fascinated everyone for millennia.

The arrival of the e-commerce website www.orovilla.com on the web has made it possible for more and more people to buy and sell gold and precious metals, benefit from the experience of OROvilla's experts, open an accumulation plan in grams of gold to create their own store of value, and collaborate with a company that is strongly committed to social and environmental responsibility.

On the www.orovilla.com portal, all transactions can be carried out online with the utmost confidentiality and in complete security, with absolute control at all times.

OROvilla and Banco Villa deal with precious metals at 360 degrees, addressing both individuals and industry

88dent operates in the dental field, participating in every phase of the process with the Clinical line reserved for dentists and dental hygienists and the Lab line for dental technicians

88Labware produces precious semi-finished products for the most diverse markets: from cement factories to chemical industries, from high jewelery to surgical implants and more

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