Gold bar listings

value 1 gr gold of Lunedì 4 marzo 2024 alle 06:03 = € 61,71

Official listing without commission, does not represent the operating price.

Real-time gold bar list prices for safe investments

Are you looking for gold bar listings? Would you like to make an investment to keep your savings safe, but would first like to get an idea of the value of the single articles and find out more before making a purchase? Below you will find everything you need to know before you buy or sell.

Gold cast bar listings in real time: gold price per gram to know when to buy and sell

You will find all types of cast bars, from the largest to the smallest sizes in this section; the relevant characteristics, weight, size, price and purchasing methods are indicated for each of the pieces.
Moreover, on this page you can constantly consult the weekly chart showing the performance of gold prices and the daily table so, you can keep track of the list prices for this precious metal par excellence at any time of the day.

The chart showing the performance in the listings for gold bullion indicates the official price in real time and is, therefore, a fundamental tool in deciding when to buy.

The chart shown by Orovilla gives all users the latest updates available, but it also contains data related to the listings for gold bullion in recent years, so you can monitor trends and changes in the long term.

The prices quoted for gold bullion indicated in the charts in this section show both the real-time value in Euros per gram and in dollars per ounce, based on international standards. The prices also promptly show the variation with respect to the initial opening value.

In general, when looking at the value of bullion on the market and the best investment opportunities, one should always bear in mind that the higher the weight of the cast bar, the better the purchase price. This is because the costs of producing and placing a smaller cast bar on the market are significantly higher than those for a larger cast bar. 
It is no coincidence that the smaller the cast bar is. the greater the difference between the list price of gold and the sale price to the individual.

Real-time gold listings

Lingotti listing Gold of 4 marzo 2024

Ingot sizes Price to buy Price to sell
Gold cast bar 1000 g62.803,73 €59.454,05 €
Gold cast bar 500 g31.431,86 €29.727,03 €
Gold cast bar 250 g15.740,93 €14.863,51 €
Gold cast bar 150 g9.465,56 €8.918,11 €
Gold cast bar 100 g6.360,37 €5.945,41 €
Gold cast bar 50 g3.220,19 €2.972,70 €
Gold cast bar 1 oz2.020,09 €1.849,02 €
Gold cast bar 25 g1.627,59 €1.486,35 €
Gold cast bar 20 g1.314,07 €1.189,08 €
Gold cast bar 15 g990,56 €891,81 €
Gold cast bar 10 g677,04 €594,54 €
Gold cast bar 5 g363,52 €297,27 €
Gold cast bar 2,5 g206,76 €148,64 €
Gold cast bar 1 g137,50 €59,45 €
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