Indestructible gold

Gold is indestructible: one of the great benefits of this precious metal

Gold is indestructible: one of the great advantages of this precious metal
Gold is the indestructible precious metal par excellence. It is no coincidence, in fact, that both in times of economic wealth and prosperity, and in times of financial, political, social, and cultural crises and problems, gold manages to retain its value, although even this precious metal can experience ups and downs.

Gold still appears to be one of the few indestructible safe-haven assets, capable of withstanding external and international conditions.

Other safe haven assets such as currencies, diamonds, for some cryptocurrencies, real estate, have lost value due to sector crises or normal market dynamics, real estate, jewellery or works of art can lose value because they deteriorate.

Why is gold indestructible?


  • Gold is not directly affected by the economic policies of the world's individual nations. This is because it is one of the most 'liquid' assets on the planet, an extremely important characteristic that makes gold a safe haven asset par excellence, regardless of place or time.
  • Gold, unlike real estate, land or financial stocks, can be bought and sold anytime, anywhere, any day of the year and on any market on the planet, thanks in part to the increasingly popular online physical gold trading services.

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Gold, if it is truly pure, is incorruptible: it never rusts, is unalterable, eternal, and can be transported from place to place very easily. This is why it is the precious metal used in the minting of coins, in the production of ingots, jewellery and precious goods destined to last and pass from generation to generation.

Gold is recyclable: as an incorruptible and unalterable metal, gold can be reused many times, after a recovery and refining process. Orovilla, among its many activities, specialises in the process of recovering, analysing and refining gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals from the goldsmithing and industrial sectors.The purity of the recovered precious metal is almost absolute and guaranteed. The quintessence of sustainability in the precious metal sector.