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Good Delivery gold cast bars

What are Good Delivery gold cast bars?

We have always tried to make our customers and readers of this website understand the importance of investing their money and assets- especially in certain periods of political instability worldwide and, consequently, with the inevitable ups and downs of the stock market and the economic savings systems - in physical gold, therefore, in gold bullion or coins.

One often hears talk of good delivery gold cast bars and we think that sometimes there is a certain amount of confusion. So, we would like to shed some light on the matter and try to understand exactly what they are.
The Good Delivery certification is issued by the LBMA (the London Bullion Market Association) which coordinates the wholesale trading of gold and silver. This association updates and also publishes the so-called Good Delivery lists, setting a series of criteria to which a refiner and its precious metal must necessarily comply before being allowed to trade.

Specifically, for gold and silver, the refiner must:

  • have proven experience of at least three years in the production of refined metal;
  • produce a minimum of 10 tonnes of gold and 30 tonnes of silver;
  • have total net assets of at least 10 million pounds;
  • provide proof of ownership and shareholding structure.

Periodically, producers are subject to checks on the gold and silver bars, to check the quality.
Specifically, Good Delivery gold and Good Delivery silver must:

  • be produced in the form of bars;
  • have a minimum purity of 99.9% (for silver) or 99.5 % (for gold);
  • weigh between 750 and 1100 ounces (silver) or between 350 and 430 ounces (gold);
  • be measured in troy ounces (silver) or fine troy ounces (gold).

There are very few authorised companies in the world and are all of them are included in the Good Delivery List, so, if “Good Delivery” certification is issued to the company, therefore, only to companies listed in Good Delivery List and the only “cast bars” to be certified as “Good Delivery” are the bars in gold from 350 troy ounces = 10.774 g) and 430 troy ounces = 13.374 g, then it is clear that companies not included in the above-mentioned list are not members, but LBMA certified, while the cast bars that differ from the bars above cannot be defined as Good Delivery.

However, our conviction goes further, because we are firmly convinced that gold is gold, because there is no first-class or second-class gold. Indeed, gold is never subjective, provided, of course, that the purity and origin are guaranteed. Our company is neither LBMA certified nor does it figure in the list of suppliers accredited for “Good Delivery”, however, we have intentionally and deliberately obtained some important certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2008, because we wholeheartedly believe that it is not only our duty to start from the purist raw materials and ensure traceability of the lots from the raw material to the end product, but also because it is a major responsibility on our part to process raw materials for the manufacture of products for medical use.
  • RJC COP – COC, because we want to be part of a sector that promotes responsible environmental practices and can add an ethical value to the quality it produces.

We offer the genuine transparency of a history of professionalism that has been our mainstay for over 60 years and we are so convinced of the validity of the investment in physical gold that not only do we sell, but we always also guarantee the repurchase of any physical gold.
Obviously, in case of doubt, we will do a check, but we always repurchase the content in physical goldhere is why investing in physical gold is worthwhile.


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