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Gold to safeguard capital

Gold: how to safeguard your capital and investments in times of crisis

Gold is one of best safe haven assets of all, capable of safeguarding capital and, as we have already seen in other articles published on this website, protecting your investment in times of economic crisis, financial fluctuations and social or political upheaval.

Many experts, in fact, believe that gold is also capable of protecting investors from a possible return of inflation, because this very precious metal, even though it may fluctuate over time, always tends to bounce back.
A practical example of this is provided by recent events in America. After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, gold prices dropped by approximately 4 % in one week, caused both by a slowdown in overall demand (down by approximately 10% during the third quarter of 2016), and by a greater propensity by investors to take a risk who started looking at the equity world again.

However, as some European analysts had already predicted, even though the interventions promised by Trump have led to rise in inflation and an increase in rates by the Fed, with negative effects for the world of gold, this precious metal will never be abandoned because, even in periods of crisis for gold, in the face of a momentary downturn, prices will always start to rise again in the next listings.
It is no coincidence, then that, in 2017, the value of gold, despite the fluctuating performance, began to rise gradually and conspicuously.

According to data analysis, therefore, this is a good time to decide to safeguard your capital and secure your investment by purchasing gold or other valuable raw materials.

What does the future hold?
Of course, in such a volatile context, it is difficult to make predictions, however it is possible to affirm that, for the next few months as well, the value of gold will tend to rise as a result of the growing tension in the Middle East and the conflicting relations between the United States and North Korea.


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