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Gold markets

Find out which are the main gold markets from London to New York, whilst keeping an eye on the east

One of the most interesting and well-established markets in the gold sector, to the extent that twice a day, it issues a price that is considered the indisputable official listing by operators from all over the world.

It is considered to be an important market due to the experience and professionalism of groups of Swiss banks, companies and credit institutes. It abides by the rules of the English market, however.

New York
The newest gold market to be created because of prohibition, but in rapid expansion.

Hong Kong
This is the oldest and largest gold market in the Far East. Open on Saturdays when London and New York are closed.

Bridge market between London and Far East countries.

The market here is tasked with regulating the exchange of precious metals. After all, China is one of the leading manufacturers of jewellery and industrial products that process noble metals, as well as the main importer and producer of gold, considered to be the best solution for investment and saving.

Private market created to organise trade and financial practices in Turkey, which is one of the major producers and consumers of jewellery.

The Middle East market occupies the role of financial centre dedicated to the trade of precious metals. It is a market which is constantly growing, with a volume of trade on the increase every year.


Over the last year, gold prices, as a safe haven asset, have bounced back, while in areas of traditional use, such as jewellery and industry, there has been a downturn.

The demand for jewellery, in particular, has declined in China and increased in India. A decrease, in the first instance, which seems to be due to a decline in consumer confidence, while India, in the second half of 2015, turned out to be the most dynamic market, in contrast with further downturns in Turkey, Russia and, as already mentioned, a large part of the Middle East.

In the field of industrial and technology, the downturn is due to the search for alternatives to precious metals as a result of costs. The decline in demand can be traced back to a slowdown in the sales of the final products in which gold is used.

The demand for gold as a safe haven asset, has instead arrived, mainly from India, China and the United States. Investment in gold on paper has become increasingly important and significant, to the point where it has taken on a financial dimension to become an authentic asset with which to diversify the portfolio and to operate.

The central banks themselves have continued to accumulate gold. Among these, Russia is in pole position, followed by Jordan and Kazakhstan.


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