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Gold as a safe haven asset

Why gold is the best safe haven asset there is

The term “haven asset” also commonly used by small investors who simply want to secure their savings, indicates a certain type of material asset investment that maintains its value over time and thus, ensures protection in the event of inflation, disasters, political upheaval, and economic and financial crises of various kinds. More generally speaking, the haven asset can safeguard the investor in the event of instability.

Why are they called this and what are the most common haven assets?
First of all, you need to know that putting your savings in financial products can yield good results in terms of gains, however, you should also consider the possible risks and disadvantages. Money and securities are, in fact, forms of intangible wealth type and as such, subject to common risks, such as inflation, danger of default by the State, bank and business failures, etc.

If, however, you want to diversify your investment and, above all, secure your capital, you should consider a haven asset, which allows you to avoid all of the above-mentioned risks.

So, what exactly are haven assets? And what are the differences between one and the other?
Let’s take a detailed look at the types and characteristics of each type of asset.

  1. Gold, undoubtedly, occupies the top spot in the ranking of haven assets par excellence, as do silver and platinum, because they are small and easy to transport and so, are considered to be the universal official reference values, in any country in the world, irrespective of the currency adopted or the local politics. Moreover, these metals do not change over time and thus, maintain their value intact;
  2. In second spot, among haven assets par excellence, we find real estate investment (property or land), which, however, calls for significant disposable income, given the prices of homes and land in Italy;
  3. In the third spot, we find diamonds and other precious stones, which obviously represent a valid alternative to those listed above. However, in addition to the ethical factor (the poorest populations are exploited in diamond mining), you also require technical skills and here again, the economic commitment is somewhat high;
  4. Paintings, works of art and collectors’ items are valid alternatives from the point of view of safe investment because all these assets tend to increase in value in time. However, technical expertise is again required to recognise and correctly evaluate these objects because there are many risks in this market.

Gold, therefore, is the only truly accessible haven asset, thanks to its long-term stability and its universally recognised and shared value. It is no coincidence that gold has long been an official reference of national currencies.

But there is more, because if normal coins can be issued in larger quantities (they can theoretically be issued ad infinitum), gold will continue, on the other hand, to increase in value compared to currency itself.

In short, investing in gold is a safe haven asset good refuge by definition, it withstands periods of crisis, fluctuation and inflation, and is, thus, considered a genuine physical insurance (as well as the only one) against default or devaluation.


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