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Gold custodian service: where to deposit the physical gold to keep it safe

Are you looking for a custodian service for physical gold to deposit and keep your gold safe? Are you thinking of buying a safety box service? Then, you are in the right place! Thanks to the experience of the historical company, Orovilla, anyone who decides to buy gold to invest their savings and, therefore, needs to keep it safe from theft or damage, can take advantage of the custodian service for physical gold made available directly by the metal trading store. With a contract stipulated ad hoc, the metal trading store will undertake to preserve and store the gold bullion purchased by the customer, in a dedicated place, until the owner decides to withdraw it or sell it and put it back on the market. Gold is, in fact, one of those assets which remains the property of the purchaser, even if, for practical and security reasons, he/she does not possess it directly.

If you are thinking about investing in gold, then, but you have no idea what could be a safe place to keep it, but don’t want to pass up such an important purchase. Contact 8853 SPA, which has for years provided OROMIO, the service designed specifically for anyone who is looking for a custodian service for physical gold, that allows them to store their investment in a safe and protected place!
8853 SPA, in fact, provides its customers with a vault dedicated to the storage and protection of cast bars, gold coins or other precious metals, even if bought previously from other dealers. This will mean you have the guarantee that all of your purchases will be protected and safeguarded, without having to seek less safe methods and without the threat of theft or damage.

With ten years of experience in the sector, 8853 SPA is able to offer all its customers who want to use its gold custodian service, a series of important guarantees; in particular:

  • the security of the custodian service, because the gold purchased (or other types of precious metals) is put in sealed bags and numbered, which are the exclusive property of the customer;
  • the guarantee of an insurance coverage, which foresees the return of the asset covered by the custodian contract, in case of an adverse event;
  • the total freedom of customers to view and withdraw the material in storage whenever they want to.

A service specifically designed for private customers who can now benefit from all the advantages of the custodian service of precious metals.

How can I request the custodian service of physical gold by buying on-line?
Anyone who decides to put their savings in physical gold can request custodian service in a safety deposit box provided by 8853 SPA at the same time as they make the purchase on-line. Alternatively, you can also request it by going to the stores in Milan and Pero or, in the case of cast bars or coins previously purchased from other dealers, you can request the service directly at 8853 SPA, provided that the precious metal purchased is accompanied by the relevant sales document (i.e. the relevant invoice or receipt certifying regular payment of purchase).

How much does the custodian service of physical gold cost?
The cost to secure your savings is equivalent to 0.5% of the annual value of the material safeguarded, which is indicated on the sales document of cast bars or coins, or calculated directly when the service is activated. The minimum applicable monthly price is 12 Euros + VAT.

The gold custodian service is invoiced by the company when the goods are collected or at the end of each year when their value will be reassessed based on the price in force at the date of the service renewal.

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