Queen's Beasts

Queen's Beast gold coins - The British Queen's Beasts series

The Queen's Beasts is the most coveted collection of gold coins, inspired by the UK's thousand-year-old monarchical tradition. Lion, Horse, Bull, Greyhound, Griffon, Falcon, Dragon, Centicore and Unicorn are the symbols of the heraldry belonging to the great houses of the monarchy that adorned the coronation of Elizabeth II to recall power, tradition and loyalty. A gold Queen's Beasts coin makes a valuable gift, an important investment or simply the pleasure and honour of owning one or more coins of great historical and economic value. Queen's Beasts have a purity of 999.9/1000 and are among the purest gold coins on the market. Orovilla offers the 1 oz and 1/4 oz gold versions at constantly updated prices.

The history of the Queen's Beasts

The "Queen's Beasts" are a series of coins, started in 2016 by the Royal Mint, UK's Royal Mint, and finished in 2021 with the Queen's Beasts Completer Masterpiece 2021 coin, which sums them up into a true masterpiece of numismatic art.

It is a series consisting of 10 coins produced in Gold, Silver and Platinum.

The story told by the coins goes back to the ancient and familiar history of the United Kingdom, a history rooted in the legends that tell of the birth of the great houses, represent their characteristics, recount their origins and feature in royal heraldry.

The 'Queen's Beasts' were originally ten statues, made by Canadian artist James Woodford to be displayed at Westminster during the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II.

Today, the original statues can be admired in Quebec at the Canadian Museum of History, while concrete copies of them sculpted by Woodford himself have been placed on the avenues of London's Kew Botanical Gardens.

On the coins bearing their faithful reproduction we find all the strength, grandeur and courage present in the 10 statues, we capture their vigour and dynamism.

The Lion of England, or 'Queen's Lion', for example, present in the royal coat of arms since 1198, was chosen as the first coin, the gold version of which was issued in 2016.

It is depicted frontally, crowned and with the coat of arms under its paws. He has a fierce and powerful stance, worthy of the king of all animals. The backgrounds of the portrait and the animal give even more strength to the subjects and make this coin detailed and striking. It is a fascinating coin, with a purity of 999.9 per thousand (24kt.), containing one ounce of pure gold or ¼ ounce and with an embossed face value of 100 or 25 Pounds (pounds).

The new interpretation of the Beasts appearing on the reverse of the bullion coins was designed by Jody Clark, also the author of the fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that appears on the obverse of UK coins.

In 2017 the Griffon of Edward III and the Red Dragon of Wales were issued, in 2018 the Unicorn of Scotland and the Black Bull of Clarence. Over the next 3 years the final 5 coins were issued (the Falcon of the Plantagenets, the Centicore of Beaufort, the White Lion of Mortimer, the White Greyhound of Richmond and the White Horse of Hanover) and in 2021 the Queen's Beasts Completer Masterpiece coin completed the collection with an extremely complex and masterfully executed masterpiece.

The reverse is the work of Jody Clark and features the ten mythological animals, created in 1953 by artist James Woodford. In this latest coin, the Queen's 10 beasts are portrayed in a circle around Elizabeth II, symbolically united under her reign.

The coin is made of 999/1000 gold, has a diameter of 32.69 mm, and a total weight of 31.10 grams.

A Queen's Beasts is a precious keepsake, a small treasure to be treasured and perhaps handed down to one's children as a cherished family memento

The Queen's Beast gold coin collection is perhaps one of the most prized and admired of all British Pounds. For their history, for the beauty of their representations, for their numismatic value.


Why buy a Queens Beasts gold bullion coin?

Queens Beasts gold bullion coins have characteristics that make them valuable to enthusiasts and extremely attractive to gold investors.

They are investment gold coins and as such, as well as being VAT-free, they are a smart way to shelter your savings in a safe haven asset

  • They have a pure gold content of 999.9/1000, equivalent to 24 carats
  • Their design is unique and unmistakable, making them easy to recognise, buy and sell
  • The coins are packaged directly by the Royal Mint
  • Queen's Beasts are particularly fine and elegant coins and make a perfect gift at important events and ceremonies
  • Shipping is secure, confidential and insured.

The Royal Mint's guarantee for the purchase of Queen's Beasts gold coins

The Royal Mint in England has been minting and exporting UK coins for 1100 years and produces military medals, commemorative medals and similar items for governments, schools and businesses.

The London Mint was officially established in 886, during the reign of Alfred the Great. In 1279 it moved to the Tower of London where it remained for 500 years, eventually gaining a monopoly on coin production in the 16th century. In the early 19th century the Mint was moved to a building adjacent to the Tower, in East Smithfield, where new machinery and space for staff and officials was provided. The building underwent several reconstructions and extensions to adapt to technological innovations and the increased demand for coins.

The Royal Mint plays a highly prestigious role in the gold market and has always guaranteed the reliability and high quality of its coins. With more than a thousand years of experience behind it, the Royal Mint aims to constantly improve and raise its standards of security and production quality.

The precision and use of special coin design and processing techniques make it easy for any expert to recognise a gold coin from the Royal Mint from a fake. The intricate and detailed designs of the Royal Mint's coins, particularly the Queen's Beasts series, are one of the reasons why they are virtually impossible to counterfeit. Investors who own these bullions have on their side the certainty of an unrivalled reputation in the most innovative and technologically advanced minting standards and techniques.

How to resell your Queen's Beasts series coins

You can disinvest your Queen's Beasts series gold coins at any time. Orovilla buys investment gold coins, also online and with a distance selling service. We buy all common gold coins, appraise coin collections and rare and collector gold coins.

At the time of purchase, we appraise the coins and check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition.

The possibility of selling physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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