Gold Sovereign coins

Gold Pound: the Sovereign of Investment Coins

The Gold Pound is much more than a gold investment coin. It is one of the best known and most sought after. Whether purchased for one's own collection or as a long-term investment, it has a charm that goes beyond its gold value and tells a piece of British history.
Very often, giving a gold bar or coin as a gift is a highly prized option and is becoming a custom on a wide variety of occasions such as christenings, communions, graduations and birthdays. A gold Pound never goes out of fashion, it is unisex and its value is in many cases constantly increasing, a small treasure that grows over time. It also has an additional value that comes from its history and depends on the year of minting.



The History of the Golden or Sovereign Pound

The history of the Golden Pound dates back to 1489, when it was created and issued in England by King Henry VII. On one side was the King on the throne, on the other the rose, symbol of the Tudors, one of the most famous and powerful English families of the time. Initially 24 carats, it was later reduced to 22.

Also called the English Gold Sovereign, there are several interpretations of it:

  • it seems that the Gold Sovereign was so called because of the depiction of the King's face on one of its two sides;
  • some have indicated it as a choice of Henry VII to demonstrate his country's authority and strength over Spain and Portugal

Minted until 1603, the Golden Pound was produced again from 1816 with the King depicted on one side and St George slaying the dragon on the other.

And it was 1816 and the Great Recoignage Act that set the standards still in place on the weight and quantity of gold contained in the pound:

Gross weight 7,9881 gr
Fine gold weight 7,32 gr
Title 91,67% (22 kt)
Thickness 1,52 mm
Diameter 22,05 mm


During the Victorian period, the Bank of England withdrew coins that had lost weight, to recast them and restore their exact legal value. This practice continued until the First World War, when England abandoned the Gold Standard. Thereafter and until the early 1930s the Pound Sterling was minted abroad.

From 1932 to 1956 no more British sovereigns were minted, until 1957 when it returned to circulation and was produced by the prestigious Royal Mint of England.

Quotation of the Pound Gold

The quotation of the gold pound depends on two factors:

  • the amount of gold present in the coin (which we have seen is always 7.32 grams) and the relative price of the precious metal;
  • its numismatic, collectors' value.

How much is a pound of gold worth?

To know this, one needs to know the metal's quotation (fixing) issued daily by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which thus determines the price of physical gold internationally.

But there is another factor not to be underestimated: the period when the pound was minted. Before 1957 it is called old minting, after that date it is called new minting and has a higher value.

Which Gold Pound is worth more?

To answer this question, it is necessary to distinguish between the numismatic Gold Pound and the investment Gold Pound.

Numismatic Gold Pound: this is the Collector's Gold Pound. Basically it is the Sterling that was minted in particular years, of which there are few examples left, or the one that is rare because it has certain defects. Generally, they are quite difficult to find on the market, so their value goes up.

Investment gold pound: this is the pound minted after 1800, it must have a certain amount of gold (at least nine hundred thousandths). To be considered investment grade, the pound must meet certain characteristics:

  • have a purity of 900 thousandths
  • have been minted after 1800
  • be included in the appropriate EU catalogue;
  • the selling price must not exceed 80% of the gold price (spread).

If you want to buy Gold Pounds, but aren't sure what kind of choice to make, seeking the advice of an expert is one of the best options for making a considered and reasoned purchase.

Why invest in Gold Pounds

There are two ways to invest in physical gold:

As a safe haven asset par excellence, with stable value over the long term, investing in gold means protecting your investment from inflation.

So what are the (first) nine good reasons to invest in gold coins?

  • It is a safe haven asset.
  • It is also accessible to the small to medium investor.
  • The purchase is exempt from VAT (Law 7/2000).
  • It is one of the most sought-after currencies in the world.
  • It is easily transportable.
  • It has high liquidity.
  • The buying and selling processes are simple.
  • It allows you to split your investment capital.
  • It stores better and more easily than bullion.

How to resell your Gold Pounds

You can disinvest your Gold Pounds at any time. Orovilla buys investment gold coins, also online and from a distance, with a dedicated gold distance selling service. We buy all common gold coins, value coin collections and rare and collector gold coins.

The ability to sell physical gold in any form and condition, at any time and any place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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