French Franc

Buying gold coins: the French Francs

The French franc, more commonly known as the Marengo or Napoleon, is the national currency par excellence, specifically the 20 Francs gold coin, and is a valuable and sought-after gold investment coin mostly due to its high historical value.
This coin is produced by the Monnaie de Paris, a state-funded institution responsible for minting circulation and collector coins, medals and official decorations. The Monnaie has its historical production site in the centre of Paris and a factory in Pessac, in the Gironde region of France.

French gold franc as a form of investment in gold coins

The French Franc was the official currency of France from 1360 until the introduction of the euro in 1999. It was a common international reserve currency in the 19th and 20th centuries.

French Francs gold coins can be found in the Orovilla store in various versions and vintages, including the famous 10 or 20 Francs Marengo with an engraved cockerel. The value engraved on the coins is expressed in Francs, but this is just the nominal value, quite different from the real value of the bullion coin, which is based instead on the gold qoutation at the time of purchase.

The Italian Marengo, the Swiss Marengo, the French Marengo, the Austrian Marengo and the Belgian Marengo were minted during the Latin Monetary Union for the free circulation in Europe of national currencies having the same value.

The French Gold Franc is produced in 900/1000 pure gold and is one of the most famous and popular coins ever produced in Europe.

Gold French Francs, the history of a state

The first Franc was introduced in 1360 and was used to pay the ransom of King John II of France. This coin showed Francorum Rex ('King of the Franks' in Latin) on a richly decorated horse. The Franc was then reintroduced in decimal form in 1795, later, in 1803, the Banque de France was commissioned to produce a version containing 0.29 g of gold.

These coins changed design and engravings frequently, following the political events of France. The first gold Francs depicted Napoleon and were described as 'Bonaparte Premier Consul'. In 1804 the inscription was changed to 'Emperor Napoleon'. In 1807 the inscription changed again to describe France as an Empire and no longer as a Republic. These Franks, also called Golden Napoleons, were a great success and became world famous even after the fall of Napoleon.

In the following years the Franks adopted different designs, often bearing the faces of successive kings to the throne of France, at other times bearing important symbols of this state.

The French Francs are in fact a reflection of France's history, culture and political events.

The characteristics of French Franks gold coins

The French Francs changed design several times on both obverse and reverse. These formidable gold coins represent the political history of France and are therefore charged with emotion, artistic energy and patriotic spirit. They all bear an elegant, refined yet powerful design.

The earliest Francs represented Napoleon, with the birth of the Latin Monetary Union the later coins depicted the different French Kings: from Louis XVIII (1814-1824) to Charles V (1824-1830) to Louis Philippe (1830-1848) and on to the Second Republic. Among the various representations are 'Napoleon III', the version called 'Angel Writing' and the 'Rooster'. The latter has been one of the national symbols of France since the Middle Ages. Indeed, the Gallic rooster played an important role during the French Revolution as an image of revolutionary vigilance, confidence and ferocity.

Why buy a gold French Franc coin?

All gold French Francs are an excellent purchase to add to a collection or an investment portfolio. Gold has always been one of the safest precious metals for investment and has proven to perform well even in times of conflict or economic instability.

Gold in coinage represents a de facto cash reserve to be used in times of need.

French Francs gold coins are famous and appreciated by collectors and investors all over the world. A coin with timeless appeal, linked to the culture and history of France.

  • Pure gold content 900/1000.
  • A coin linked to the political history of France.
  • Difficult to find and, consequently, in great demand among collectors.
  • Many different designs to choose from.
  • With Orovilla, shipping is secure, confidential and insured.

The French gold franc carries with it a century-long history and its design has changed according to the French political situation. It is a coin that is always appreciated by collectors and investors, not least because of its ability to be resold very easily.

French Francs coins include: Marengo 20 Francs rooster, Marengo 20 Francs Napoleon III laurel wreath, Marengo 20 Francs Angelo, 100 Francs Napoleon III, Marengo 20 Francs Napoleon III bare head, Marengo 20 Francs Liberty, Marengo 20 Francs Louis XVIII, Marengo 20 Francs Napoleon I, 100 Francs Angelo.

Gift idea: buy a French gold franc

Gifting a gold coin is an important thought, certainly suitable for the big and small milestones in life, such as a wedding, a graduation or a baptism. But not only that: a gold coin represents a valuable form of investment for the future.

Gold coin, in fact, not only does not lose its value due to inflation or economic, social or political crises, but increases its value over time. This is why physical gold has always been the safe haven asset par excellence.

The French Franc is a famous investment currency that has always been much loved and appreciated. Its success is linked to its 100-year history and the different designs created to celebrate the history of the French state. A perfect gift for those who love this country, its many vicissitudes and its political figures who have contributed to writing the history of the world.

The purchase of a gold coin, according to Italian legislation, is exempt from VAT as it is investment gold.

How to Resell Your Gold French Francs

Gold French Francs are highly valued and well-known coins and therefore offer good resale potential and are particularly suitable as investment coins.

You can disinvest a French Gold Franc coin at any time. Orovilla buys gold investment coins: all common gold coins, coin collections, and rare and collector gold coins.

At the time of purchase we appraise the coins, check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition. The possibility of monetising physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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