Gold Britannia the official gold coins of the British Mint (The Royal Mint)

Gold Pounds deserve to be part of any investment portfolio regardless of the year of mintage, but there are some that are richer in charm and history. One of these is the Britannia gold coin, much more than an investment gold coin, one of the most sought-after coins on the market.
Giving a gold bar or gold coin as a gift is a very valuable solution for a wide variety of occasions (christenings, communions, graduations, weddings, etc.). A gold Pound never goes out of fashion and its value is in many cases constantly increasing.

Britannia Pound gold for investment


The History of the Golden or Sovereign Pound

The history of the Golden Pound dates back to 1489, when it was created and issued in England by King Henry VII. On one side was depicted the King on the throne, on the other the rose, symbol of the Tudors, one of the most famous English families. Initially 24 carats, it was later reduced to 22.

Also called the English Gold Sovereign, there are several interpretations of it:

  • it seems that the Gold Sovereign was named for the depiction of the King's face on one of the two sides;
  • some have indicated it as a choice of Henry VII to demonstrate his country's authority and strength over Spain and Portugal.

Minted until 1603, the Golden Pound was produced again from 1816 with the King depicted on one side and St George slaying the dragon on the other.
And it was 1816 and the Great Recoignage Act that set the standards still in place on the weight and quantity of gold contained in the pound:

  • Weight: 7.9881 g
  • Title: 22 kt (91.67%)
  • Thickness: 1.52 mm
  • Diameter: 22.05 mm

The Britannia gold bullion coin 2021: characteristics

The Gold Britannia differs from other Sterling coins in its depiction of the warrior goddess symbol of the United Kingdom. In particular, the 2021 version incorporates new features that make it not only more fascinating, but also extremely difficult to counterfeit.

On the obverse of this spectacular one ounce Britannia we find the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Jody Clark, while on the reverse is the figure of Lady Britannia, a symbol of the country's strength and integrity, designed by Philip Nathan, the sculptor of the first Britannia in 1987.

First appearing on the Britannia coin in 1672, it was featured on all modern series until its redesign in 2008 before returning to silver coins from 2015.

4 features in particular make the Britannia 2021 different from its predecessors:

  • a latent image that changes from trident to padlock;
  • an animation of the surface with the bottom of the coin has a texture simulating the waves of the sea;
  • the micro text 'DECUS ET TUTAMEN';
  • dye lines in the flag on the shield.

With a face value of £100, the 1 oz gold Britannia of 2021 can be used as legal tender and, as such, is exempt from VAT and capital gains tax (CGT).

Britannia: the warrior goddess who tells the story of the United Kingdom

Britannia was the ancient name given by the Romans to the territory occupied by present-day Britain.

The first written mention of Britannia and its inhabitants dates back to the Greek navigator Pythias of Marseilles, who explored the British coast around 325 BC in the expression Pretannikai Nesoi (Πρεταννικαὶ Νῆσοι), i.e. 'Pretannic Islands', various islands in the North Atlantic up to the extreme Thule (possibly Iceland or the Shetland Islands).

Her personification, shown on the coin, represents a warrior goddess, imposing and splendid like Athena. She is probably Boudicca, the warrior queen who led the greatest rebellion against the Roman advance in England, the widow of the local king who had not bowed to the Romans on the death of her husband.

Boudicca initially led 12,000 men into battle, ruling them and fighting herself from her war chariot, which became part of her iconography. Her army grew to 40,000 warriors, uniting the various local tribes united under the same queen. The Romans put down the revolt and there is little certainty about the queen's end.

The story of Boudicca is lost for centuries, but it returned periodically to signify the strength and independence of the English people and their ruler, in particular Queens Elizabeth I and Victoria.

Gold Britannia Pound quotation

How much is the gold Britannia bullion coin worth? The quotation follows the same rules as for other Gold Pounds and depends on two factors:

  • the amount of gold in the coin and the relative price of the precious metal on international markets
  • the numismatic, collectors' value, if any.

To know the value of any Gold Pound you need to refer to the metal's quotation (fixing) issued daily by the London Bullion Market Association, which determines the price of physical gold internationally.

Why buy gold Britannia

There are two ways to invest in physical gold

  • buy bars
  • buy gold coins

As a safe haven asset par excellence, with stable value over the long term, investing in gold means protecting your investment from inflation.

So what are the (top) nine good reasons to invest in gold bullion?

  • It is a safe haven asset.
  • It is also accessible to the small to medium investor.
  • The purchase is exempt from VAT (Law 7/2000).
  • It is one of the most sought-after currencies in the world.
  • It is easily transportable.
  • It has high liquidity.
  • The buying and selling processes are simple.
  • It allows you to split your investment capital.
  • It stores better and more easily than bars.

The gold Britannia has an additional particularity due to the story it tells, the mythology linked to the glorious past of the United Kingdom, a detail that can be particularly interesting for collectors and enthusiasts.

Demands for the gold Britannia are always very high, as it is one of the most fascinating and historically rich coins. This is why it is always a good idea, when a new coin is released, to be prepared and to secure your bullion coin.

How to resell your Gold Pounds

You can disinvest your Gold Pounds at any time. Orovilla buys gold bullion coins for investment and all common gold coins, appraise coin collections and rare and collector gold coins.

At the time of purchase we appraise the coins, check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition.

The possibility of selling physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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