Austrian gold crowns

Austrian Gold Crowns: Official Currency of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Austrian gold crowns are minted by the Austrian Mint, the former and prestigious Münze Österreich AG. This coin has been the official currency of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since 1892, a Central European state born in 1867 with the so-called Ausgleich ("compromise") between the Hungarian nobility and the Habsburg monarchy. Although they bear the minting date of 1915, practically all examples in circulation were not produced in that year, in fact Austrian crowns are still produced today with the date 1915 engraved on them. As with the Gold Duchies, the engraved date shows the last year of Emperor Francesco Giuseppe's reign, who died in 1916.


Austrian Gold Crowns as a form of coin investment

The Austrian Gold Crowns coins that you find in the Orovilla online shop are available in the format 100 Gold Crowns, 20 Gold Crowns, 10 Gold Crowns. The value engraved on the coins is expressed in Kroner, but this is just the face value, which is quite different from the real value of the bullion coin, which is based instead on the gold price at the time of purchase, and the numismatic value of the coin itself.

The Austrian Crowns is sought after not only for the intrinsic value of the gold, but also for the historical value of the piece and is therefore considered an excellent investment coin. Like all physical gold purchased, it has value for capital protection in the medium and long term, and the credibility and guarantee associated with the Münze Österreich AG make it particularly easy to liquidate without problems, a key feature when it comes to investment coins.

Austrian Crowns gold coins, the history

The Austrian Crowns is an official recoinage of the coinage used during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The obverse depicts Emperor Franz Joseph I in old age and the two-headed eagle, symbol of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, on the reverse.

Münze Österreich AG began minting gold crowns in 1892, when Franz Joseph I ordered a currency reform. The first coins bore values of 10 and 20 crowns. In 1908, the 100 crowns followed, commemorating the emperor's diamond jubilee. The Austrian mint stopped producing gold coins after the outbreak of World War I in 1918, a date that coincided with the dissolution of the Empire. After the end of World War I, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia were the first states to abolish the Austro-Hungarian Crown.

When minting resumed in 1921, it was decided to date the coins to 1915 to mark the last full year of the Emperor. Franz Joseph I died in 1916, so to commemorate his 68 years of reign, all crown ricons after that date are still inscribed with the year 1915.

For over fifty years, the Austrian Crowns have been one of the most popular gold coins on the market. They were surpassed by the South African Krugerrand, created specifically for the private collectors' market. When US laws changed to allow private investment in gold coins, the Austrian Crowns Mint increased production levels of the Krugerrand precisely to challenge the Krugerrand.

The Austrian Gold Crown is a much sought-after investment coin for collectors mainly because of its historical link to the past, which saw Austria-Hungary as one of the predominant states in Europe.



Characteristics of Austrian Crowns gold coins

Austrian Crowns gold coins are produced from pure 900/1000 gold, equal to 21.6 carats. It is one of the purest and richest coins created in the Middle Ages.

The Austrian Crowns feature the head of Emperor Franz Joseph I on the obverse side surrounded by the inscription 'FRANC IOS I D G IMP AUSTR REX BOH GAL ILL ETC ET AP REX HUNC'.

The reverse of the coin bears the imperial coat of arms with the two-headed eagle, a symbol that has spiritual connotations of connection with the higher self and the ability to see everything. The value and year are indicated at the bottom. Also on the reverse side, at the top, is the inscription 'C CORONAE MDCCCCXV'. On the edge is the Latin inscription Vnitis Viribvs, 'With United Forces', which was Emperor Franz Joseph's personal motto.

Gold Crowns are a must for any coin collector, they represent the history of an Empire and together with almost an ounce of gold, they are an excellent investment for collectors and investors.

Interesting facts about the Austrian Gold Crown

There are three types of crowns:

  • the laureate head coined from 1892 to 1906;
  • the commemorative one for the 60th anniversary of the Austro-Hungarian Kingdom minted only in
  • 1908 and is the only one with the inscription coronae;
  • the large-headed crown minted from 1909 to 1915.
  • The 20 crown and the 10 crown have the same depictions and years, only the weights 6.77g and 3.38g respectively change.

Why buy an Austrian Crowns gold coin

Gold crowns coins produced by Münze Osterreich AG are valuable and refined pieces, minted by one of the oldest mints in the world.

  • Pure gold content 900/1000 or 21.6 carats.
  • It is a coin with a centuries-old history, linked to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • It is one of the most popular coins among collectors and investors
  • Elegant and refined design.
  • Shipping with Orovilla is secure, confidential and insured.

Gold has always been one of the safest precious metals for investments, which has proven to work well even in times of conflict or economic instability.

Also not to be underestimated is the convenience of buying the coin, which is exempt from VAT as it is investment gold.

Other coins minted by the prestigious Münze Österreich AG in our store include Ducats, Marenghi, the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic and Austrian Gold Schillings.

Gifting a gold coin: Austrian Crowns

A gold coin is a different, somewhat innovative gift that is always appreciated by the recipient. It is not just a gift, but represents a valuable form of investment for the future. Gold coin, in fact, not only does not lose its value due to inflation or economic, social or political crises, but increases its value over time. This is why physical gold has always been the safe haven asset par excellence. In times of great financial and political turbulence, gold is the financial asset people bet on and invest in to preserve their wealth and defend their purchasing power from inflation.

Gifting a gold coin on big, but also small occasions means giving a reserve of cash to use in case of need. An Austrian Crowns gold coin can be given at a wedding, for a first communion or for an anniversary - an original idea that is increasingly on the rise.

The purchase of a gold coin, according to Italian law, is exempt from VAT as it is investment gold.

Gold coins remain an original gift and a safe investment with a truly important story to tell and pass on.

Sell your Austrian Crowns in gold

You can disinvest Austrian Crowns coins at any time. Orovilla buys investment gold coins: all common gold coins, coin collections, and rare and collector gold coins. At the time of purchase, we appraise the coins, check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition.

The ability to sell and liquidate physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is one of the advantages over other forms of investment.

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