Australian Kangaroo

Australian Kangaroo (Nugget) gold investment coins

The gold Australian Kangaroo (also called the Australian Gold Nugget or Gold Kangaroo), also called the Gold Nugget, is one of the products of Australia's prestigious Perth Mint, the Perth Mint. This coin is a product of the highest quality, 24-carat gold, a safe and valuable investment, as well as accessible to even the smallest investors with the 1/10 and ¼ ounce denominations. In Australian popular culture, the kangaroo is a well-known symbol, with an estimated 47 million in the country. This animal is featured not only on Perth Mint coins, but also on Australia's national emblem.

Australian Gold Nugget: a story to tell

The Perth Mint was founded as a subsidiary of the prestigious British Royal Mint. Australia was colonised by the United Kingdom from the 18th century onwards. Australian gold coins have always been minted by the Perth Mint and produced with gold from local mines.

The gold Australian Kangaroo is Australia's most famous gold coin. It made its debut in 1986 and its first name was simply 'Nugget', meaning nugget. In fact, the gold nugget had become a national symbol after the Gold Rush. In 1989, however, the Perth Mint decided to completely change the design and name of the coin, changing the obverse subject of the coin to the red kangaroo, another national symbol of Australia. The official name became the Australian Kangaroo, but the name "Nugget" did not disappear entirely among collectors, some still continue to call this prized coin by its former name. The reverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Australian Kangaroo, the investment coin that changes design

Gold Australian Kangaroos are legal tender in Australia. These gold coins are among the few that are required by law to be minted with a different design each year, as is the case with the Gold China Panda. Every twelve months, the Perth Mint issues a Gold Australian Kangaroo with a new design on the reverse side. The subject remains the same, a kangaroo in its natural habitat; however, the style and manner of depicting Australia's most famous animal is changed. This feature and their limited mintage may, unlike many other precious metal coins, increase their numismatic value compared to the value of the gold used.

The obverse of the coin depicts the profile of Queen Elizabeth II, reproduced by the famous and award-winning British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. Surrounding the effigy of the sovereign is the inscription ELIZABETH II - AUSTRALIA, and at the bottom is the face value of the coin.

The characteristics of the Gold Kangaroo investment coin

The Australian Kangaroo investment coin is made of 999.9/1000 pure 24-karat gold. Gold Australian Kangaroos are an important and safe investment, a true safe haven asset for any investment portfolio.

The Australian Kangaroo gold coins you find in the Orovilla online shop are available in different weights, sizes and years of mintage. The face value engraved on the coins is expressed in Australian dollars, the real value being based on gold prices at the time of purchase.

The valuable Australian Kangaroo coins are available in 1 ounce denominations, but the smaller 1/10th, ¼ and ½ ounce denominations are affordable fractions even for small investors.

Australian Gold Nugget: Kangaroo coin trivia

In October 2011, the Perth Mint created a gold coin weighing one tonne, in the style of the Australian Kangaroo. The creation of this coin broke the record for the world's largest and most valuable gold coin previously held by the Royal Canadian Mint with the Big Maple Leaf. The coin has a diameter of about 80 centimetres and a thickness of 12 centimetres. The face value of this precious coin is $1 million, but at the time of minting it was valued at over $53 million.

Why buy a gold Australian Kangaroo?

The Perth Mint today produces fine specimens of the highest value by bringing numerous gold coins and bars to the market. The gold Australian Kangaroo is one of the most prized investment coins along with the American Eagle:

  • pure gold fineness 999.9/1000, equivalent to 24 carats;
  • a limited mintage;
  • each year it is minted with a new design;
  • many formats to choose from;
  • shipping is secure, confidential and insured.

These features make the Australian Kangaroo Nugget a highly prized investment coin for collectors, also from a numismatic point of view, precisely because of its limited mintage and the well-known sophistication of its mintage, which has always been considered among the most fascinating on the market.

Australian Kangaroo gold 2021, new design

For the 2021 edition, on the obverse we find, as always, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, while on the reverse the classic red kangaroo, symbol of Australia, is depicted among some of the country's native flowers:

Waratah: (Telopea speciosissima) is a three to four metre tall shrub that only grows in Australia. A large fiery red flower with a diameter of about 12 centimetres, it consists of many individual flowers clustered tightly together in a single rounded inflorescence, surrounded by a crown of shiny red leaves.

Kangaroo Paw: the flower bud is red and green. When it opens, the ends fold back to reveal six golden stamens and an outstretched style, and in the depths of the flower is nectar. The common name Kagaroo Paw, kangaroo paw, derives from the resemblance of each flower to the front paw of the kangaroo, with the down enclosing the petals.

Giving a gold coin at a christening, wedding or first communion

A gold coin is a different, somewhat innovative gift that is always appreciated by the recipient. It is not just a gift, but represents a valuable form of investment for the future. Gold coin, in fact, not only does not lose its value due to inflation or economic, social or political crises, but increases its value over time. This is why physical gold has always been the safe haven asset par excellence. In times of great financial and political turbulence, gold is the financial asset people bet on and invest in to preserve their wealth and defend their purchasing power from inflation.

Gifting a gold coin on big, as well as small occasions, means gifting a reserve of cash to use in times of need. A gold Australian Kangaroo coin can be given at a wedding, for a first communion or for an anniversary, an original idea that is increasingly on the rise.

The purchase of a gold coin, according to Italian law, is exempt from VAT as it is investment gold.

The fine Perth Mint produces, in addition to the Australian Nugget, prized gold coins such as the Lunar Series now in its third year, sought-after investment gold coins that use images of different animals from the Chinese lunar calendar instead of the Australian kangaroo. Gold coins remain an original gift and an ever-secure investment with a truly important story to tell and pass on.

How to sell back your Australian Kangaroos?

You can disinvest an Australian Kangaroo gold coin at any time. Orovilla buys investment gold coins: all common gold coins, coin collections and rare and collector gold coins.

At the time of purchase we appraise the coins, check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition.

The possibility of selling physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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