American Eagle

American Eagle gold coins, the most popular from the United States Mint

American Gold Eagles, or 50 American Gold Dollars, are the best-known and highest quality investment coins from overseas, guaranteed by the US Mint with a 22-carat gold content. The volume of trade in these coins has led to a law that the US Mint is required to mint enough American Gold Eagles to meet world demand.
American Gold Eagles are an important and safe investment, a true safe haven asset for any investment portfolio. They are available in 1 ounce denominations, but smaller denominations of 1/10, ¼ and ½ ounce ($5, $10, $25) are affordable fractions even for small investors.

The gold American Eagle as a form of gold coin investment

The American Eagle gold coins you find in the Orovilla online shop are available in different weights, sizes and years of minting. The value engraved on the coins is expressed in dollars (USD), but this is just the face value, which is quite different from the real value of the bullion coin, which is instead based on gold prices at the time of purchase.

The American Eagle has always been considered one of the best gold bullion coins for investment. Like all physical gold purchased, it has value for capital protection in the medium and long term, and the credibility and guarantee associated with the US Mint make it particularly easy to liquidate without problems, which is a key feature when it comes to investment coins.

The characteristics and history of American Gold Eagle coins

The first gold coin produced in the United States was the $10 gold Eagle in 1795. After 200 years, the Gold Eagle is still among the most popular coins, an iconic coin that has undergone very few changes from its original design.

The first American Eagle gold coins date back to 1986, following the Federal Gold Bullion Act of 1985, signed by President Ronald Reagan.

These coins feature the two most important symbols of the United States:

Lady Liberty. An early version was created by the artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens and first appeared on the $20 gold piece (Double Eagle) in the United States in 1907, where it remained until 1933. A second version was the so-called Walking Liberty, used between 1916 and 1947 and created by Adolph A. Weinman (1870-1952). "... an ever hopeful Lady Liberty walking confidently towards the dawn, draped in the strength of the stars and stripes, carrying in her arms laurel and oak branches to symbolise both civil and military glory." Lady Liberty appears on the obverse of the coin along with the date of printing, the inscription Liberty at the top, and the stars representing all the American states.

The eagle, an animal symbol of the USA, is represented on the reverse of the coin. Together with the eagle we find the face value, the weight of gold, and the inscriptions "United States of America", "e pluribus unum" (1782 motto of the US Congress), "in God we trust" (1956 US motto).

The Gold Eagle is produced in two versions: proof and Brilliant Uncirculated. Proof versions of an investment coin are particularly valuable, intended primarily for collectors. Brilliant Uncirculated coins are coins in perfect condition, i.e. brand new. In some cases, where the coin has been kept in perfect condition and shows no signs of wear, it can be considered, even if not new, as minted.

The 2021 Gold American Eagle, new design

On 1 October 2020, the Mint unveiled new reverse designs and updated obverse designs for select gold and silver American Eagle coins to mark the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle Coin Program.

"These beautiful designs build on the United States Mint's heritage of artistic excellence and reinforce the American Eagle Coin Program's status as an icon in the numismatic and art world," says Mint Director David J. Ryder.

3 interesting facts about gold American Eagle

The United States Mint does not sell American Eagle gold coins to the public. These coins must be purchased from companies that deal in precious metals, which in turn charge a small premium over the current spot price for their precious metal content.

In addition to the investment gold coins produced in large numbers, the US Mint issues Proof coins specifically for collectors and available for direct purchase from the Mint only during the current year of minting of the coin.

By law, the gold in this coin must come exclusively from American deposits and alloyed with silver and copper to make it wear-resistant.

Why buy an American Eagle gold bullion coin?

Gold Eagle bullion coins have characteristics that make them valuable to enthusiasts and extremely attractive to gold investors.

  • They are investment gold coins and as such, as well as being VAT-free, they are a smart way to shelter your savings in a safe haven asset.
  • They have a pure gold content of 91.66/1000, or 22 carats.
  • Their design is unique and unmistakable, whatever the year of issue, and they are extremely popular and well-known; these aspects make them easy to recognise, buy and sell.
  • American Eagle coins are particularly interesting from a historical point of view and make a perfect gift at important events and ceremonies.
  • Shipping is secure, confidential and insured.

Gifting a gold coin: the charm of the American Eagle

Gifting a gold coin is a rapidly growing trend. Besides being a very precious gift, it represents a form of investment in the future. Gold coin not only does not lose its value due to inflation or economic, social or political crises, but also increases its value over time.

Classical jewellery, a classic example of a valuable gift, while containing precious metals, suffers depreciation, sometimes significant, due to use. In contrast, gold in coinage actually represents a reserve of cash to be used in case of need.

Also not to be underestimated is the convenience of buying the coin, which is exempt from VAT as it is investment gold.

Physical gold has always been the safe haven asset par excellence, its value historically increasing steadily and regularly.

Of all the historical gold coins, from Gold Pounds to Marengos, from collections such as Queen's Beasts to Australian Lunar series, American Eagles remain, along with other historical American coins with the Indian Head a safe investment with a truly important story to tell and pass on.

How to sell your American Eagle coins

At any time you can disinvest your 50 American Eagle gold coins. Orovilla buys investment gold coins: all common gold coins, coin collections and rare and collector gold coins.

At the time of purchase we appraise the coins, check them carefully for gold content, authenticity and condition.

The possibility of selling physical gold in any form and state of preservation, at any time and place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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