• Gold cast bar 20 g
  • Gold cast bar 20 g
  • Lingotto oro 20 grammi

Gold cast bar 20 grams

Sale of 20-gram gold cast bar with listing and prices

28,26 x 17,82 x 2,75 mm
| Pure Gold 20 gr
The measurements indicated may undergo slight variations due to the processing of the metal, but the purity and weights indicated are guaranteed and certified by us.
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Gold cast bar 20 g

The 20-gram gold cast bar is the size, in terms of weight and measurement, that comes immediately after the 10-gram cast bar. For this reason, the 20-gram cast bar is ideal as a gift on special occasions, such as graduations, weddings and important events, etc., especially because it is big enough to be engraved with names and a dedication on its surface.
The 20-gram cast bar is not just a safe form of investment to protect your savings and allow them to grow over time, it is also an opportunity to purchase a much-appreciated gift which will increase in value over time and can be sold at any time, in any part of the world.
What are the measurements of a 20-gram gold cast bar? It is 28.26 millimetres in length, 17.82 in width and 2.75 millimetres thick.

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Features Gold cast bar 20 g

Weight20 gr
Dimensions28,26 x 17,82 x 2,75 mm

Gold ingots

Physical gold allows
  • diversification against strong stock market tensions;
  • protection against shocks affecting government bonds;
  • ownership of safe haven / asset gold refuge;
  • a sense of security and concreteness;
  • the ease and speed of liquidation;
  • private negotiation;
  • la transparency of quotes.

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    Orovilla Box - 88x133x39
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Do you have doubts? Read the answers to the most common questions
They are trademarks, mandatory under Italian law, that every goldsmith manufacturer must mark his product in order to put it on the market. One is legal purity and each precious metal has its own specific identification mark such as size and design (a lozenge, an oval, etc.). The other is the recognition mark of the actual manufacturer, in fact OROvilla, division of the 8853 S.p.A. group, is 1748MI. In addition to these two brands, further commercial brands are admitted, such as, for example, our MARIO VILLA logo, a symbol of guarantee for over 60 years on the Italian market.
Tutti i prodotti vengono sigillati in blister di garanzia a marchio Mario Villa o Chimet s.p.a. oltre ad avere i marchi di legge (caratura legale e fabbricante). Le monete d'oro vengono sigillate nello stesso blister di garanzia, anche se non sono di nostra produzione ma vengono da noi controllate prima di metterle in vendita. In aggiunta all'ordine, escluso dal prezzo del prodotto, è possibile acquistare delle confezioni regalo come la Scatola Mario Villa (anche personalizzata), sacchettini in velluto a marchio Mario Villa, scrigni e cornici in legno.
Pack Orovilla
With the Italian law n. 7 of 17 January 2000, Italy has aligned itself with European legislation, namely Council Directive 98/80 / EC of 12 October 1998. A private individual can freely purchase and hold investment gold << ... meaning by this the gold in the form of ingots or plates of weight accepted by the gold market, but in any case greater than 1 gram, of equal or greater purity at 995 thousandths, represented or not by securities; gold coins of purity equal to or greater than 900 thousandths, minted after 1800, which have or have had legal tender status in the country of origin, normally sold at a price that does not exceed 80% of the value on the free market of the the gold contained in them, included in the list drawn up by the Commission of the European Communities and published annually in the Official Journal of the European Communities, C series, as well as the coins having the same characteristics, even if not included in the above list; the decree of the Minister of the Treasury, the Budget and Economic Planning establishes the methods for transmitting information to the Commission of the European Communities on the coins traded in the Italian State that meet the aforementioned criteria; ... >>
The ingots of Italian producers such as OROvilla (division of the 8853 SPA group) must bear the recognition mark of the producer (ours is 1748MI) and the title of the precious metal (in the case of our gold ingots it is 999). Our ingots are sealed in special guarantee blisters bearing our corporate and commercial brands.
Of course, both gold bars and gold coins can only be resold at any time to Professional Gold Dealers authorized by the Bank of Italy such as OROvilla -division of 8853 SPA- which is a recognized operator with number 5000211. They can only be resold at one of our locations by appointment.
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If the purchase of GOLD is like accumulation over time to create a treasure on which to rely in case of need and therefore immediately convertible into money, then it is always the time to buy. Over the years, prices have shown that gold is a reserve of value that maintains purchasing power, while in the short term it is normal for there to be decreases in prices. For our part we will always be ready to buy back! We also give free advice to customers by OROvilla specialists to talk about the importance of investing in gold and we organize TALKS where financial analysts from outside the company and respected in the world of finance intervene (https://www.orovilla.com/ blog / talk /) and, every month we publish the economic section ORONEWS (https://www.orovilla.com/blog/oronews/).
You can opt for the deposit service provided directly by OroVilla at authorised institutions, until you request to withdraw them or resell them and put them back on the market. In the case of negative events, the quantity described in the deposit contract and not the value of the deposited object will be recognised. Activating the service is very simple: you can do it directly during the purchase phase if you already have it in mind to leave it on deposit with us or by contacting us by e-mail in order to define it remotely.
Deposit Service
Generally all orders are processed within the next 24 hours but in any case within 8 working days from receipt of payment by advance bank transfer, while orders where payment is contextual to collection at one of our offices, we generally send confirmation of the order ready within 24 hours from sending the order confirmation but in any case within 8 working days. If the customer has requested the shipment, we generally provide the shipment (insured and always guaranteed) within 48 hours after the order has been processed.
OROvilla produces various types of ingots. Some are obtained with a fusion of pure raw material cast in a mold to measure, others are born from a process of lamination and shearing of very pure precious metal to obtain the mirror shape and subsequently marked with a coining process with a press that imprints the Mario Villa Milano brand and other details and finally, as a new product for 2020, others are produced from pure precious metal sheet that take shape and are cut thanks to laser technology. The difference is only visual (the first is more rough, the second and the third more squared BUT all are guaranteed in pure precious metal - 24 carats for gold and 999/1000 for silver - and all are produced and guaranteed by OROvilla, a division of 8853 SPA.
Italian law identifies that only Professional Gold Traders authorized by the Bank of Italy are authorized to buy and sell investment gold on a professional basis. The subjects must have previously communicated to the Bank of Italy in the manner provided for by art. 5 of the UIC provision of 14 July 2000 and meet the following requirements: 1) legal form of joint-stock company, limited partnership company, limited liability company or cooperative company, having in any case fully paid-up share capital not lower than the minimum required for joint-stock companies. 2) corporate purpose that indicates the activity of the gold trade as defined by art. 1, paragraph 1, of the Law of 17 January 2000 n. 7. 3) possession, by the participants in the capital, of the directors and employees vested with technical and commercial management functions, of the integrity requirements provided for in articles 108 and 109 of the Consolidated Law on banking and credit laws, issued with Legislative Decree September 1, 1993, no. 385 and by the implementing decrees of the Ministry of the Treasury no. 516 and 517 of 30 December 1998. Operators who purchase gold for the purpose of earmarking it for their industrial or artisanal processing or entrusting it, exclusively for processing, to a holder of the identification mark referred to in the legislative decree of 22 May 1999 are excluded from the discipline referred to in paragraph 3, n. 251.
The price of precious metals indicated in newspapers or on official websites is the world reference price set daily by 4 members of the LBMA ( London Bullion Market Association ) in London since 1919 ( The Bank of Nova Scotia - Scotia Mocatta, HSBC, Deutsche Bank AG, Société Générale and Barclays Bank PLC ).
This price is set in $ US per troy ounce , since the euro has been in force, however, we can also find it expressed in this currency. The price called FIXING has a purely statistical reference value.
During the day the prices of precious metals then follow the indications of the world stock exchanges in Zurich , New York , Hong Kong and Singapore so that metal can be treated 24 hours a day and that large industries and manufacturers all over the world use to establish their selling and buying prices.
Each Precious Metals Bank then applies its own purchase and sale price, which takes into account the fees for management, property, insurance and processing.

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