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Selling Gold Bars 750 4 colors 18 karat Orovilla certificates

Gold Collection Orovilla: the new range of 18 kt gold bars (750‰ fine gold) in four colours: yellow gold, white gold, red gold and green gold.
18 kt gold is an alloy consisting, to express it in the decimal system (750‰ title), of 750 parts of pure gold out of 1000, the remaining 250 parts being composed of other metals that define its hue and hardness. The vast majority of jewellery has this carat.
All Mario Villa bars are certified and stamped with the legally required marks such as weight, title and manufacturer's number (1748 MI).

Why buy 18 carat gold bars?

18 carat gold is what is used to make jewellery or to create collector's bars. The extraordinary properties of gold make it possible to create chemically perfect alloys with very special colour nuances, which we also find in jewellery.

Like all minted Orovilla bars (not cast), yellow, white, red and green gold bars can be customised with an inscription or logo to make them a personal and never trivial gift. Personalising gold bars is in fact a gesture that transforms a simple bar of metal, which represents a store of value, protection and savings, into a precious and unique memento.

750 yellow gold bars, an 18-carat classic that never goes out of fashion!

Yellow gold is by far the best known and most widely used in the production of objects and jewellery, the one most similar to pure gold. The 750 18 kt yellow gold bars offered by Orovilla consist of 750.5 parts pure gold, 117.5 parts silver, 128 parts copper and 4 parts zinc.

750 white gold bars, as precious as gold, as beautiful as silver

More discreet than yellow gold, white gold resembles silver but has a warmer tone. White gold is a symbol of friendship, purity and the feminine principle. A white gold bar is a perfect thought for a woman, girl or child on any celebration occasion, from marriage to communion, from engagement to the birth of a child.

The 18 kt white gold bars offered by Orovilla consist of 751 parts pure gold, 135 parts copper, 84 parts nickel and 30 parts zinc.

750 red gold bars, the finest gold

The red gold of our 750 bars is a reworking of the alloy that gave birth to pink gold. Its deep colour tone, given by a higher copper content, has a special charm and creates unique plays of light and colour.

The 18 kt red gold bars offered by Orovilla consist of 751 parts pure gold, 227 parts copper, 15 parts silver and 7 parts zinc.

Green gold 750 bars, the ancient history of Electrum

Green gold is little used today, but in antiquity it had the suggestive name of electrum, a natural alloy of gold with small amounts of copper, platinum or other metals. Natural electrum is very rare and can only be found in western Anatolia. It has a whitish colour and contains 70% to 90% gold and was used to mint the first coins in antiquity.
In contrast, modern green gold, composed of gold and silver, appears yellowish-green.

The 18 kt green gold bars offered by Orovilla consist of 750.5 parts pure gold and 249.5 parts silver.

The different sizes of 18 karat gold bars

In addition to the 4 colours, 18 karat gold bars are available in different weights and sizes, from 2 grams up to 15 grams. Buying small bar sizes allows you to sell them faster at the right price. In addition, small bars are perfect for a precious and personalised gift, to be treasured and handed down as a cherished memory.

If you have a need for small amounts of liquidity, you can disinvest a bar of a few grams, leaving the rest of your assets invested in physical gold safe.

How to resell the 750/1000 gold bar?

Because they are highly sought-after and highly liquid assets, gold bars are very easy to sell.

Buying gold bars is offered by precious metal dealers, Compro Oro, banks with precious metal counters, private forums or online auctions. However, it is important that the buyer is licensed and certified so that your sale is done safely and at the right price. Orovilla has always bought gold bars for investment purposes.

The ability to sell physical gold in any form and condition, at any time and any place, is its advantage over other forms of investment.

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