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Gift ideas gold bars

Gift ideas gold bars for christenings and special events: customise and make your unique gift

Do you want to give a cast bar as a gift? Why not make it extra-special with custom engraving, and give your gift an original, indelible touch? Why not buy a gold, silver or platinum cast bar and then, make it unique with a dedication engraved on the back? Sometimes all it takes is a little thought to make a gift truly special!

To assist you in the best possible way on important occasions, at special times and unforgettable events in your life, Orovilla offers you a made-to-measure customisation and engraving service that will allow you to make your gift both magical and unforgettable for the person receiving it.

For example, what is more original than a customised cast bar with a dedication, a thought or simply a unique and passionate declaration of love for the person receiving it?
The engravings and customisation of gold, silver or platinum cast bars are just one of the many services offered by Orovilla!

You can, in fact, customise and add your own unique touch not only to gold, silver or platinum cast bars, but also gold tokens, that can be given on special occasions and thus, represent a valid, much more precious and original alternative to traditional gifts, such as classic awards and conventional business awards for the most deserving employees and trophies of various kinds for events and sports competitions or any other kind. Without forgetting customised cast bars which can be specially packaged, depending on your requests and requirements, for graduation parties, birthdays and any other type of event.

The most popular customised cast bars

Engravings on cast bars: some gift ideas

On special occasions, such as name days, you can purchase cast bars to which you can add a customised dedication and the image of the saint you are named after. For wedding anniversaries, however, you can ask for the image of the bridal couple to be engraved directly on the cast bar, that will make the photo unique, magical and indelible.

Thanks to Orovilla’s services, you can engrave words, a date or drawing…the important thing is the meaning that it conveys to your and the recipient!

OroVilla is at your complete disposal, with the latest generation machinery and is able to produce any type of wording, design or logo, even the most complex, on both the precious metal cast bar or plaque.

The procedure is simple: contact our sales department, and send the file in high definition to be engraved. To ensure that the engraving adds value, the service is indicated for pure gold cast bars weighing at least 10 grams.

Are you having trouble making up your mind about what to write on the cast bar you want to give as a gift? Here are some more ideas to help you!<
For a wedding gift, for example, you can give a gold bar engraved with date of the marriage and the names of bride and groom.

If it is an official engagement present, on the other hand, you could simply write "forever", the date of the engagement, that of the first meeting, or the names of the engaged couple. Alternatively, you can always resort to famous quotes by novelists, painters and artists that have made an impact on you and have a link to the event or the person being celebrated.

If, however, you decide to buy a cast bar for a silver wedding anniversary, you could simply have the number 25 for the years of marriage engraved on it, 50 for a golden anniversary, 60 for a diamond anniversary, while for the birth of a child, you can write the name of the baby or his/her date of birth.

Giving an OROvilla gold bar means offering an item of value that can be handed down like all the best traditions. Make your gift unique! Our configurator lets you personalise your gold bar with a phrase, date or drawing!
A precious memory: OROvilla gold bars can become the perfect gift at a special time of life.



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