Gift ideas gold bars

Gift ideas gold bars for christenings and special events: customise and make your unique gift

Do you want to give a cast bar as a gift? Why not make it extra-special with custom engraving, and give your gift an original, indelible touch? Why not buy a gold, silver or platinum cast bar and then, make it unique with a dedication engraved on the back? Sometimes all it takes is a little thought to make a gift truly special!

To assist you in the best possible way on important occasions, at special times and unforgettable events in your life, Orovilla offers you a made-to-measure customisation and engraving service that will allow you to make your gift both magical and unforgettable for the person receiving it.

For example, what is more original than a customised cast bar with a dedication, a thought or simply a unique and passionate declaration of love for the person receiving it?
The engravings and customisation of gold, silver or platinum cast bars are just one of the many services offered by Orovilla!

You can, in fact, customise and add your own unique touch not only to gold, silver or platinum cast bars, but also gold tokens, that can be given on special occasions and thus, represent a valid, much more precious and original alternative to traditional gifts, such as classic awards and conventional business awards for the most deserving employees and trophies of various kinds for events and sports competitions or any other kind. Without forgetting customised cast bars which can be specially packaged, depending on your requests and requirements, for graduation parties, birthdays and any other type of event.

The most popular customised cast bars

How to customise your gold bar

The procedure is really simple.

  • Contact our sales department and send the high-definition file to be engraved.
    For the engraving to be sufficiently enhanced, the service is suitable for pure gold bars weighing at least 10 grams.
  • Personalise your bar directly in our online store by following the instructions in the configurator. Look here to see how it is done.

Customise your bar


Bar engravings: some gift ideas

Are you undecided between many ideas and don't know what to write on your ingot as a gift? We give you some additional tips that can help you!

Gold bar for wedding and anniversary

Gold is a symbol of strength, malleability and eternity, fundamental qualities in a good marriage. For a wedding gift, therefore, you can choose a gold bar on which to engrave the wedding date and the names of the couple.

If it is an official engagement gift, on the other hand, you can have a simple 'Forever' engraved, the date of the engagement, the date of the first meeting, or the names of both fiancés. Alternatively, you can always use famous phrases from authors, painters and artists who have particularly impressed you and who have a connection with the couple.

The gold bar can also be purchased as a single gift by all guests in a kind of dedicated wedding list.

If, on the other hand, you decide to buy a bar on the occasion of an important anniversary such as a silver wedding anniversary, you can simply have the number of 25 years of marriage engraved on it, or 50 in the case of a gold wedding on a gold bar, or even 60 for a diamond one.

Personalised Gold Ingots for Christening, Communion and Confirmation

To every child who is born, to every boy who enters adult life, to every young virgula we wish a bright, rich and happy future. Personalised bars, with a dedication or a special wish engraved on the surface, are highly original gift ideas for children and grandchildren, who in this way, in addition to receiving a symbolic gift of great significance, have the opportunity to keep a precious and valuable object, able to preserve and support them, at any time of life, in the event of economic and financial difficulties. Precisely for this reason, bars for children and grandchildren represent a real industry trend.

For the birth of a child or on the occasion of its christening, giving a gold bar with an indelible dedication means giving something that will never lose its value, but also a way to be remembered forever. Many will give him precious bracelets and necklaces, but buying a gold bar is certainly both a symbolic and practical gesture that is much rarer and, therefore, even more precious.

The same applies to a boy about to receive communion or confirmation: the gold bar is always a unique gift and an indelible sign of affection and care.

In this way, the tradition of grandmothers, who used to give coins and precious objects as gifts to their children and grandchildren, is handed down and kept alive.

Gold bars for special occasions: graduation, retirement

There are milestones in life that are just as precious: the 18th birthday, graduation, the long-awaited retirement. In these cases too, gold is a symbol of wealth and attention. If it is engraved with a thought from someone who loves you, it becomes a gift to be jealously guarded. Engrave it with the date of birth and a phrase of good wishes, make it an indelible memory of great value.

Similarly, graduating means reaching a great milestone and starting a new life path, at a time in history that also holds many uncertainties. A bar represents 'a heavy brick', as much as the efforts the graduate has sustained, and the security of support for the dreams and expectations he or she has for the future.

And when the working future becomes the past, it is a time to celebrate what has been: a career, a path of growth, a sometimes arduous road. One of the most appreciated and popular retirement gifts is the classic gold bar in more or less exacting denominations, especially from the company bidding farewell to its employee. It is one of the most heartfelt and valuable forms of thanks for his or her commitment.

Gold bars as corporate gifts: benefits, customer gifts

Gold and silver bars as corporate gifts are extremely attractive forms of benefits that can be used on a variety of occasions: on the anniversary of a company's founding, as a production bonus, as a Christmas bonus or as a gift to the most valuable of customers. And there is nothing more precious than gold, we know that.

How to thank a great employee for his or her contribution to the company? How to turn the greatest customer into your most powerful word-of-mouth vehicle? How to make people who are part of the company's heart feel truly appreciated?

A customised ingot with the company logo, the employee's name, a symbolic date, a phrase always makes an impression.

Gold bars for anniversaries: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day

Are you looking for something that embodies value, security for the future, emotion, originality? If the colours of Christmas are gold and silver, nothing is more in keeping with the theme than a personalised gold or silver bar, a unique gift that tells of a deep bond of affection.

To get away from the banality of an ordinary gift, perhaps one that has already been given, giving a safe investment is like giving a real treasure. The same goes for Easter and any holiday you want to celebrate.

What about Valentine's Day? Isn't that a somewhat material gift? Absolutely not. You are not gifting a precious metal (which is not in the form of a jewel), you are not just making an investment: you are gifting your future together.


If you have any further doubts or needs, the staff at Orovilla - with their decades of experience - will help you find the gift idea and packaging you are looking for!


Dai valore hai tuoi ricordi


Giving an OROvilla ingot means offering a value that can be passed on like the most beautiful of traditions. Make your gift unique! Thanks to our configurator we give you the possibility to personalise your ingot with a phrase, a date or a design!
A precious memento: OROvilla ingots can become a perfect gift at a special time in life.

Personalize your bar

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