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In response to high demand, Orovilla has created a series of 24-carat pure gold bars in special sizes that offer a smoother and wider surface to allow more space for personalisation by incision.
The bars are always branded Mario Villa, always in pure 24-carat gold and always VAT-free thanks to the investment gold law. Each bar is protected by a guarantee mark and shows the marks required by law: weight, title and manufacturer's mark (1748 MI).

Customisable gold bars

Buying physical gold is part of a smart investment portfolio diversification strategy for both small savers and large investors. Giving gold as a gift is therefore also an increasingly popular trend. Gold is a timeless gift, always appreciated in all its forms. Today, the possibility of personalising 24 carat gold bars has transformed even investment gold into a precious and personal form of gift.

Orovilla has created a dedicated series of gold bars with a weight suitable for every type of wallet (from 2 to 15 grams) and with a particularly smooth surface that allows laser engraving of dedications, numbers, logos and dates. The engraving is carried out by computer, guided by a vector file; it is possible to faithfully reproduce texts, logos, images, down to very small sizes on 2 gram bars. To make any occasion and event special, from christenings to retirements, from weddings to graduations.

Each ingot is protected by a guarantee mark and shows the marks required by law: weight, title and manufacturer's mark (1748 MI). Prices are always updated in real time with gold prices.

Gold bars, classic or customised, from 2 grams

The personalisation and customised bar incision service allows you to make each bar original and unique for the person you want to give it to.

An inscription, a date, a logo or a design can be engraved on the surface of the ingot: the only thing you need to pay attention to is the relative size of the ingot and the subject you want to engrave, so that it is not too small and not visible. Various sizes are available for customisation, ranging from 2 to 15 grams. In order for the engraving to be sufficiently enhanced, the service is suitable for pure gold bars of at least 10 grams in weight, but simple subjects can also be rendered on smaller sizes.

All our bars are 24-carat bars (i.e. PURI 999.9°/°) and certified by their hallmarking with MI1748 and legal title AU999. Each ingot, as a guarantee, is placed inside a special seal and supplied in a black cloth package with MV logo.

How to personalise your gold bar

The procedure is really simple.

  • Contact our sales department and send the high-definition file to be engraved.
  • Personalise your bar directly in our online store by following the instructions in the configurator. You can write a sentence, use one of the designs in the configurator or upload a subject from your computer. Watch the video below to find out how

Why gift a personalised gold bar

Gold therefore proves to be an extremely topical financial instrument, a safe haven asset for investors, both in times of calm and in times of financial, economic and social crises. This is why it has also become a highly valuable gift, both economically and personally.

The value of a gold bar is linked to the current gold price. This means that investors benefit through its independence from inflation and know that gold represents a very important store of value.

The advantages of gold are immediately understandable:

  • it is tangible
  • it is scarce
  • it is easy to store
  • it is indestructible

A precious thought that looks to the future.

Orovilla buys gold bars for investment and at any time you can disinvest your gold bars.
The possibility in the future to sell physical gold in any form and condition, at any time and place, is just one of the advantages over other forms of investment.

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