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At OROvilla we offer physical gold to protect your savings. Taking care of savings for us means taking care of protecting your money, creating a store of value and preserving your purchasing power.

What you need to do is start thinking about it now. For this you can rely on our experts, who are always available to give you investment advice on gold and precious metals.

There are so many questions and listening to your needs means for us to understand what you need, to analyse your requirements, to go deep and to erase insecurities.

Book a 30-minute slot with one of our experts and ask what you want.

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We are a company that always pays attention to the digital evolution, but when we tackle the topic of savings we want to put our face to it. Booking your consultation is really easy.

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After an education in Finance & Insurance and International Economics, I continued my experiences working in the world of luxury. Today I specialise in Investment Gold: a perfect combination of luxury and finance. My mission is to give investors all the information they need.



After more than a decade of experience in the world of luxury goods (jewellery, diamonds, watches), I decided to specialise in investment gold to give investors concrete answers on how to protect and safeguard their assets.

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