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All sales and purchase operations by private individuals can be done on-line with delivery/collection using insured couriers; if, however, you would prefer going in person to our office, you will need an appointment and to follow the instructions for entering our premises.

To book your appointment:

  1. by phone during working hours at the numbers indicated below.
  2. by email at the address indicated below.
  3. independently on-line 24/7 in just 3 simple steps:
    1. select the calendar for the office of Pero
    2. select the day and time to suit your availability.
    3. Complete the registration with the data requested and confirm.

You will receive a notification from us by email confirming your successful registration. You will receive a simple reminder, the day of the appointment and one hour beforehand.


Due to the Covid-19 emergency to protect public health, access to the facility will be subject to compliance with the following rules and requirements:


  1. It will be necessary to present the green pass.
    In case of absence, it will not be possible to carry out purchase and / or sale operations.

  2. Inside our offices in Milan and Pero, the use of a mask with a covering of the nose and mouth is mandatory, and disinfectant gel for hand hygiene will be available.

  3. At the entrance to our offices in Milan and Pero, body temperature will be measured using a special totem.
    In the presence of temperature> 37.5 ° C or Covid 19-like symptoms or other reasons that contraindicate entry and / or in the absence of valid reasons, access to the person and / or any accompanying person is not allowed.

  4. It is mandatory to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter, both outside and inside our offices in Milan and Pero.

  5. Access to the facility is not permitted for carers, with the exception of carers of minors, the disabled, people with linguistic and cultural difficulties and in general non self-sufficient people.


Important notes:
Customers who show up without an appointment, or late on the scheduled time, may not be served if the staff were already busy with previous appointments.

Which venue is most convenient for you?
Via Mazzini, 16 - 20123
MM1 - MM3 fermata Duomo
Via Pitagora, 11 - 20016
MM1 - fermata Molino Dorino

Our Milan office
Via Mazzini, 16 - 20123, Milano
MM1 - MM3 Duomo metro stop
Tel: +39 02-8853-310
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday ONLY by appointment 9am-12.30pm / 2pm-4pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed

Our Pero office
Via Pitagora, 11 - 20016, Pero (MI)
MM1 - Molino Dorino metro stop
Tel: +39 02-8853-1
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday ONLY by appointment 9am-3.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: closed