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Book an appointment at the Orovilla offices in Milan

For the organisational purposes of our Milan and Pero offices, please note that it is necessary to make your appointment at our offices.

You can book your appointment independently online 24/7 in just three simple steps:

  1. select the calendar of one of our two locations, Milan or Pero
  2. select day and time according to your availability
  3. complete the registration with the required data and confirm.

Following your booking, you will receive confirmation of your appointment by e-mail.

Important information
If you do not see availability in the calendar of the desired location and you urgently need a pick-up, we ask you to send an e-mail to requesting the transfer of your order to the other location (Milan or Pero), which will be carried out by our representative within 24 hours after the request has been taken care of free of charge.

Which venue is most convenient for you?
Via Mazzini, 16 - 20123
MM1 - MM3 fermata Duomo
Via Pitagora, 11 - 20016
MM1 - fermata Molino Dorino

Our Milan office
Via Mazzini, 16 - 20123, Milano
MM1 - MM3 Duomo metro stop

Our Pero office
Via Pitagora, 11 - 20016, Pero (MI)
MM1 - Molino Dorino metro stop

Contact us !
Tel: +39 02-8853


  • Missori
    3 min
  • Duomo
    2 min
  • Cordusio
    6 min
  • Cadorna FS
    14 min
  • Centrale
    20 min
  • Malpensa
    60 min
  • Linate
    25 min
Sede di Pero
  • Molino Dorino
    11 min
  • Pero
    8 min
  • Cadorna FS
    28 min
  • Centrale
    30 min
  • Malpensa
    34 min
  • Linate
    54 min