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Block the list price of gold

Choose the buying and selling price, block the list price of gold

Are you looking for a service that allows you to decide to buy or sell at the price you want? Then, you are in the right place! Thanks to the opportunities offered by the historical company, Orovilla, you can use the automated “block gold list price” service, which allows you to enter the desired price, when buying or selling. You will then be notified directly by the system which will send you an alert via email when the list price you entered is reached.

The personalised service “block gold list price”, created by Orovilla for customers who want to easily and autonomously invest or divest without any surprises, responds to the needs of anyone who wants to sell, but does not want to wait until the gold list price rises again. In this way, they can leave more margin on the sale, but also for those wishing to buy, so they can invest their savings safely, whilst at the same time, preferring to wait until the price of gold falls and is, therefore, more advantageous for buyers.

In short, as mentioned above, just enter the list price in the program at which you would like to buy or sell, and as soon as the market trend meets your specifications, you will automatically receive an official communication via email from our operators. You can then decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or sale.

Block gold list price: all the advantages of the service

The “block gold list price” service offered by Orovilla, offers many advantages, including prompt information: listings, supplied in real time, which are updated several times during the day, so the message with the listing sent to the customer is direct, updated in real time and totally reliable.

Another strong point of the price blocking service is the guarantee of professionalism on the part of operators who monitor the gold price situation and update customers with customised alerts.

Another advantage of this service is undoubtedly the freedom to choose, once the gold has reached the desired price, whether to buy or sell, depending on your requirements and options. Indeed, when you receive the alert from the operators, you are under no obligation to purchase.

Finally, the service does not entail any management costs: you can get free updates from the operators and decide, in your own time, if and when to invest or divest.

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