Accumulation plan

Open an Accumulation plan in physical gold and precious metals with the Orovilla service

Open an accumulation plan in physical gold and precious metals with Orovilla's service
Secure your savings with the solidity of gold.

Gold is a rare commodity of great prestige that has always been considered a safe haven asset that protects against inflation and is capable of maintaining its value over time.

Would you like to secure a safe value based on a historical trend in the price of gold and precious metals? Open an Accumulation Plan in physical gold and precious metals with Orovilla to protect and make your savings pay off.

How many times have you said to yourself: "I have some money to invest, where can I put my money?" or "I have some money set aside, I would like to make a gold accumulation plan for my children and grandchildren, but how do I do it?".

Buying gold is easy but...

  • you never know when is the right time to buy. Volatility is also a problem for gold in the short term;
  • you never know how much gold to buy;
  • buying bars also means having to keep them safe;
  • at the end of the month you always seem to run out and put off buying until the next month.

The accumulation plan is the solution. A real accumulation plan that allows you to plan your savings over time.

Why a physical gold accumulation plan?

  • Inflation is upon us and money is likely to be worth less and less as time goes by;


  • volatile stock markets are leading savers to increasingly seek stable safe haven assets in which to safeguard their money.

Activate your accumulation plan

The GOLD Accumulation Plan: the advantages of the account

Achieving your goal by accumulating fractional gold in grams is a more flexible solution than buying gold bars or coins in a block.

The advantages of the physical gold accumulation plan:

  1. It has all the advantages of gold:
    1. is an investment that lasts and increases in value over time;
    2. it is a store of value: the more the crisis puts investments and savings at risk, the more gold
    3. increases its value over time, defending the capital from devaluation;
    4. it is the perfect tool to diversify one's portfolio and reduce investment risks;
    5. it is always convertible into money: immediate liquidity in any currency with a worldwide quotation for buying and selling;
    6. it is easy to store because it is small in size: 1 kg gold bar is smaller than an iPhone;
    7. it is exempt from VAT, is not subject to the obligation to declare ownership, and only when resold is subject to capital gains taxation.
  2. You can only buy pure gold in the quantity you want and according to your possibilities at the time when it seems most convenient and expedient.
  3. You have no time constraints on buying or withdrawing gold before you reach your accumulation target.
  4. It is as simple and flexible as a current account, it does not depreciate with inflation but follows a market trend.
  5. You can decide, at any time, to withdraw and then sell all or part of the accumulated gold.
  6. Hai sempre il controllo della situazione accedendo alla tua area riservata, come nel tuo home banking.
  7. It has the same advantages as the classical CAP:
    1. is flexible
    2. not affected by price volatility until realisation
    3. allows you to commit to constant provisioning
  8. It does NOT have the same disadvantages as the classical CAP:
    1. you do not risk losing the intrinsic value of your savings

How to open your physical gold account

How much does the physical gold accumulation plan cost?

Less than a current account. For less than 14 cents a day OROvilla will assure you:

    • constant assistance by e-mail, telephone or at our offices;
    • management fees;
    • access to the reserved area on our web platform to carry out independently all the operations of control, alert of quotations, management of the periodic debit and submit to our operators proposals of purchase, sale and conversion.

In order to respond to the need to invest your savings in a smart way, it is crucial that a part of them is allocated in a safe haven asset, an asset that does not depreciate in purchasing power, in inflation scenarios, and is not subject to possible bankruptcies.

Physical gold, in this case, is the smarter choice.

Open your gold and precious metal accumulation plan now: register by applying for the customer qualification required for gold transactions.

Contact us by filling out the form at the side, our consultants are at your disposal and will be pleased to help you. Without obligation and totally free. Enter your details and we will contact you quickly. Or go to the FAQ section to find answers for selling, buying and investing in gold.
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